Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dinner Rage and Attempted Dog Abuse

Last night was just so wild, my hands are super cold, and the hurt one is cramping and making typing very difficult, so I resorted to a video for last night's events. TL Ogre was raging, screaming, criticizing, ranting, etc., so hard that he didn't even make sense. He made all  kinds of accusations against me that were so far out that I didn't even know how to react, which made him rage even more because he said I was being too silent. He has TOTALLY lost it!

TL raged, criticized, name called, and more, all over a dinner he said I did not cook, when he stood there watching me working on it before he went in to take his nearly 2-hour leisurely soak in the tub. He also tried to make my old dog do without any heat in sub freezing weather. He can do what he wants to me and I will take a lot, but I WILL NOT allow dependent animals to suffer!

It was just too much to write, so here is the video, raw and uncut. Time just does not allow for that right now, sorry.

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