Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Calmer Night, Another Person?

It has been a much calmer night. A bit strange, but calmer. I will take every calm moment I can get. No, things aren't any better, just different. Yet another "person" inside of my "Honey" surfaced tonight. He surfaced once a few months back and I had almost forgotten about 'him'. So, who is he?

This 'person' is very calm, mannerly, polite, laid back, and speaks with a strong southern accent and a very heavy drawl. His 'voice' is more nasal than "Honey's" or T L Ogre's and the tone is a bit different as well, not as deep as T L Ogre's, and not as high pitched as Honey's. He likes to just casually 'shoot the breeze' converse, like he was an acquaintance, but not quite a friend. It is very strange. He thanked me for dinner tonight, like he was someone that I had spur of the moment invited in for dinner. Kind of threw me.

A few months back was the first time I had seen this personality. We had gone in to town (a couple of towns over) to run errands and get supplies. As usual, we were coming home late at night. When we finally got out on the highway, we started to chit chat as we drove home. He talked as I described above and acted like we were casual acquaintances. He had NEVER done that before, not in that way. He acted like he barely knew me and I was just someone riding along with him as he drove home. Again, he was very relaxed, laid back, and had that strong southern accent and heavy drawl. I remember asking him if he was okay. He looked puzzled and said, "Yes, why?" This isn't, by far, a bad personality, but not someone I would have fallen in love with and joined into a relationship with, either. Again, this is totally mind boggling!

There may be yet a fourth person in there, but not just real sure yet, or if T L Ogre is just that broad. I will let you know more on this seldom, more calm personality as time goes on . . . . if I still have power and Internet by then, that is.  I keep finding myself wondering if all of these "personalities" know each other?.... know about each other? Do they like each other? Do they approve of each other? Do they like some better than others? Do they like one but hate another one? I guess I need to name this one, too.  I have never experienced this before.  Does anyone know anything about this?

Signed - Betty Sue

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