Friday, December 16, 2016

What I need most from my readers.

[ I will be updating this page in a few days. My most current needs are prayers that my bid on a piece of property is accepted, and that I quickly find a super cheap pick-up that runs well. And of course, that the current 'lull', around here, holds out for a long while. ]  Thanks!

I know I am sounding pretty frazzled right now. I feel that way, too. I have never been in a situation quite like this before. I have been in similar ones, but not near like this.  I thought I was much smarter than that. I am totally embarrassed! One day that switch just "flipped" and my Honey was gone and T L Ogre was there ... there and escalating by the day. But I am smart enough to know that this can't go on any longer and I have to have help to get out.
(Update: At first, it seemed like that 'switch' just flipped, but as I reflect over the past 5+ years, I can now see that there were subtle warning signs, along with little, subtle abusive behaviors along the way that I either didn't catch, didn't notice, or just chalked up to he was having a bad day.)

I guess what I need most right now from my readers is advice. I need to know what my options are on any level/area there is, as to what I can do. How can I disable him? (not physically, but stop his rages for the time being). How can I get out of here? What is available to me?
Edit: I also need help looking for a piece of cheap land, unimproved is fine, but a water source would be great, too. It just needs to be cheap, and 5 acres or so would be great, but would look at smaller. I also have no way of going to look at property right now, but I have relatives and possibly a friend that can go look if anyone comes up with something. Then thoughts on how I will pay for it. I do have a couple of possible options.

I don't have research time. As I said, my chores are timed, closely watched, and I have to account for my time. I also can't do any of this on our main computer (this is an old one he doesn't know I have updated) or ads and articles will come up on the subject and he will know.

I can't easily talk through my Facebook page as he has managed to already get into that once. Last night he tried to watch over my shoulder as I typed in my password to Facebook. So please, if you are someone that knows me, DON'T talk to me about this issue on Facebook nor post it on your page or mine. And DON'T call our phone. The consequences could be catastrophic! Feel free to comment on here (no actual names, please) or message me (much better) at my email address that goes with this blog. And remember that I probably won't be on here on the weekends. He is home and keeping me in his sights and slave driving me most of that time.
update: I am able to talk some through Facebook messenger, but it is risky.

UPDATE - I am also in GREAT need of a mountain of  18 gallon Sterlite Storage totes!
Boxes for packing.

Signed -  Betty Sue

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