Tuesday, December 13, 2016

T L Ogre says - "No more cat food!"

T L Ogre, my fiance (I am not allowed to remove that title from anywhere or there will be even more consequences), has gone off the deep end. He is raging more and more by the hour! I am terrified of what he might do next and I have no way out of here.

He is making sure that I receive a brutal, raging, verbal beating every morning, now, before he leaves for work (he works 19 hours a week as a home health provider). He has to make sure that I am upset and frazzled before he leaves .... make sure I go slower so he can give me another one when he gets home? I don't know, some nutty, crazy reason. Then I get more in the evening and usually at night.

Today I let him know that the cat had lost her kitten yesterday (more on that when I can, too. It was suspicious). His reaction - "GOOD!!! Now I won't have to kill them, just kill her!" I wasn't able to hold my reaction back this time, unfortunately. I said in shock, "That's horrible!" and his violent, raging tirade was back on. There was, once again, no way to get past him, no way to get away (he now uses that I have the 'extreme fear of escape' phobia).  My heart flip flopped all over the place and beat hard. I trembled all over. He was loving it! He left, I went to sit down in the office of this old house, he came back in, followed me in here and continued. He says he will NO LONGER purchase, nor bring home for me if I can pay for it, cat food! He will NOT bring any more cat food home! I said I would get someone to help me get some because they had to eat. He raged that he would "beat up" anyone that came onto this property. It is his property, not mine, and I am not allowed to bring anyone, nor have anyone, here. He is also going to shoot and kill any cat that finds a way back into this old house (it is filled with rotted out holes in the walls). He said that the law won't do anything because I wouldn't be able to prove it!

He spent a LOT of his raging fit today, making fun of me because I am Polish. He repeatedly called me Stubborn Polish and just kept saying what a bad person I was because I am Polish.

He has also tossed kittens that were used to being inside, sleeping by the heat lamp of the brooder, outside and won't let me feed them anymore. It is so cold! They are so cold! I am terrified!


Signed -  Betty Sue

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