Saturday, December 31, 2016


As you saw in my last post, T L Ogre won't allow me to change my Facebook status. (or another punishment will ensue)  He considers us still 'engaged' and wants the status to stay that way. He still thinks he will get me to marry him. OR  He says that even if we don't get that 'piece of paper' that officially says we are married, he considers me his 'wife'.

BUT . . . . I have just discovered that he is surfing around on dating sites! Looks like he is already lining up his next victim. I am not jealous of anyone that might be, I am worried about her. I am angry, yes, and very hurt, but not jealous. I just don't know who this guy is any more. He certainly isn't the person that I fell so hard in love with, not even close! My Honey left and a total mean, nasty, twisted and hateful strange moved in.

He considers us engaged, he considers me his wife, he doesn't want me to leave, yet he is surfing around on the dating sites. What next?!?!

Thanks for listening to my rant. I just needed to get some steam and hurt out. Gotta go get to bed, now. It will be morning shortly and he will be back in here on the main computer searching around those sites again, especially since it is Saturday. Have a good weekend!

Signed - Betty Sue

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