Friday, December 30, 2016

How We Heat our Tent

Over the past year, several of you have asked how we heat our tent, don't you get cold, are you warm enough, why don't you use a wood stove, doesn't all that kerosene get expensive? and many more questions about our heat source.

YES, all that kerosene gets expensive! And YES we do get cold! Sometimes I get so cold that I shiver so hard my heart flip flops. We can't even begin to afford enough kerosene (nor the person that is buying it for us) to keep warm. We have to conserve it. If it is 30 to 35°F or above, I don't get to use heat. We just bundle up with blankets and I put bottles filled with hot water in the dog beds and in mine - heated bricks on the exceptional cold nights. I am definitely learning survival techniques! The kerosene heater does make the center of the tent warm, and takes the hard chill out of the outer edges of the tent, where we sleep.

There is a way we could have wood heat, unlimited, and be very comfortably warm as much as we want. But T L Ogre won't do it. I have explained this in the video below. One thing I forgot to add to the video was that, besides having acres upon acres, here, of firewood, we also have permission to go into a closed down pallet company and take all the pallet wood we want. Lots of it is cut into short pieces, ready to toss into a wood stove. Much of it is also 4x4 hard wood that would burn for a long time..... no trapsing around all over the acreage to hunt and cut firewood, just drive in, load wood, and leave. It also helps them clear out their lot. But no, can't do that, either.

I am VERY cold natured, T L Ogre is VERY hot natured. This is just another control tool for him that he very much enjoys inflicting on me. I will survive it, I will learn from it, I will escape this madness (with all of my fur and farm babies), and we will be warm and toasty in the winter from now on, some way!

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for your support. Have a wonderful day. And remember, if you have never been in similar shoes, you could not possibly fully understand what I am feeling now  how strong my feelings are, so please, don't judge.

Signed - Betty Sue

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