Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fire Wood

As I said in the last post, T L Ogre was heading up in the woods, today, to cut firewood. For us? NO! His handicapped sister was almost out of wood again. This will be the third time this season that he has cut firewood for her. One time he cut up wood off of her property. The first time and this time, he is cutting up our wood to take to her. My elderly mom has been wanting a rick of wood to keep on hand for a possible power outage so she could still cook (she is total electric). She has been wanting this for nearly two years, but he has yet to cut her any. It could have even been a Christmas gift for her, but isn't happening. She does so much for us, but nope, no wood for her, just his sister on the next property over.

The first time he cut wood for his sister, I was out of cook wood. He did NOT bring me any good wood back. He did finally go gather up some cruddy fallen limbs for me to use, but not any good, quality wood. Today, I am out of cook wood again. I have a few small pieces, but not nearly enough to build a fire to cook anything on. I also need a fire to melt wax so I can get some candles made for light in the tent at night.

In a couple more days, we are supposed to have a really bad stretch of weather ... snow, extreme cold, possibly freezing rain. There isn't much time to gather up any cook wood nor make candles. We will see if he brings me back any wood, too. I really hope so.

Thanks for listening to my vent. I hope that you have a great night and your year ends well and the new one begins beautifully!

Signed - Betty Sue

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