Tuesday, December 6, 2016

T. L. Ogre says - Go Pee Outside!

We use a composting toilet system. I don't mind. I actually like it better than a traditional flush toilet, less germs are spread. I do wish our composting system was a bit more up to date, but it works okay. What doesn't work is not being allowed to use it to pee in except for in extreme circumstances (just can't hold it long enough to get outside, in extreme weather, etc.)

When I first moved here, I didn't give it a thought and used the toilet when I had to "go", just as I had my entire life. But one day, T. L. Ogre insisted that I needed to go squat and pee somewhere outside and just do my daily business in the toilet. He said that using it to pee in made the bucket heavier and harder to carry out to dump. Geez, why don't we just dump it daily, or at least, every other day?  Nope, no pee so it doesn't have to be taken out as often. *eye roll*

Now, I know that, at times, I do pee a lot, but geez! This is so degrading! I mean, there are times in life where you just gotta stop and take a squat in the woods or somewhere of the like, but on a daily basis? Come on! I don't mind the composting toilet, but I would like to at least use it!

Signed - Betty Sue

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