Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Way to Help Me and Others

Besides helping myself get out of this nightmare of a situation, I also want to help others in similar situations as well. I want to turn this big negative into a positive! I want to create another option for women trying to escape their abusive situation, besides just grabbing their purse, so to speak, and running to a shelter.

I won't exactly say it is time for some change, but I will say it is time to quit accepting that as the only option and create another option. Women still will need a lot of help getting an income going, counseling, I am sure, and a few other things, but there needs to be another option besides just a shelter. I want to create that option!

Please take just a few minutes to listen to the video below. At this point it probably sounds like a lot of rambling, but I really think I have a good idea building. I would love to hear your ideas, suggestions, and input in the comments or in an email, which ever you are more comfortable with. In the video, I think I left out my thoughts on gardening for victims of domestic violence as well. A place to garden would be great not only to eat healthier and cheaper to help build ourselves back up, but it is also great therapy, as well. Living on a piece of land like that would be a great place to give opportunity to release a lot of pent up anger, frustrations, hurt, etc. I will add to this idea as time allows. Thanks!

Thanks for stopping in and Thanks for listening! Have a good day!

Signed - Betty Sue  

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