Saturday, December 10, 2016

Reeling Me Back In

One thing about abusers (verbal or physical) is, they watch to see when they have gone too far (in their perception). When they think they have gone so far you can't possibly take any more, and/or are read to leave them, they turn back to "nice" to try and reel you back in.

Over this past weekend, after about a day and a half of berating, belittling, accusing, dictating, blaming, beating down, intimidating, screaming, yelling, etc, at me, he stopped and turned all nice for a brief spell. When he went to town for a day of errands, he came back with a big bar of fine chocolate for me and a pop. I know, pop is really bad for you and I had quit drinking it once, but I got back on it when I lived in a heavily molded house because it helped to clear my throat out and I just haven't totally weaned back off of it. I hadn't had one in awhile ad he knew I would really enjoy a pop.

Just a few hours later, after I had had time to eat some chocolate, enjoy my cola and savor it all, T. L. Ogre's entire process, which had actually been on 'pause', not 'stop', continued on, as bitter and dominating as ever! He figured I had had enough time by then to build back up just a bit of strength and soften my attitude about him a bit, so that he could get back to his task at hand . . . breaking me down. People! Don't ever fall for this!!!! His continued verbal beating lasted another day and a half. Looks like I am now again on "pause", which is just more of the breaking down process .... constant wonder as to when the next raging outburst will occur.

Signed - Betty Sue

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