Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Busted Hand and Bulging Eyes

I said I would eventually give you more indepth details of the night my hand was busted, and here it is. I went with video on this one because it was just too long for my aching, tingly hand to type out. His rage that  night was some of the most extreme I have seen. He went from calm to extreme rage in a matter of seconds. It tells me that he has no problem with keeping me "in line" with physical abuse, now, even if it might permanently disable me. He gets more and more comfortable with each and every "attack" on me, be it physical, emotional, verbal, or on one of my critters. This is very concerning, as I can't (and don't want to) imagine what will be next.

Well over a month later, I am still having much issues with my hand. The numbness just won't subside. Today the ends of most of my fingers on that hand are numb and tingly, reaching most of the way up my arm to my shoulder. He has no remorse. He doesn't care. He still holds with, "You should have moved your hand." and "I figured you would have moved it." He cuts no slack on my list of chores. Actually, he helps me even less with the things he used to help me with and has increased what is expected of me. He is getting annoyed that my injured hand is slowing me down.

I truly hope the damage to it isn't permanent. It is my dominant hand. I need BOTH of my hands. This stinks!

Thanks for stopping in! Please keep me in your prayers and positive thoughts.

Signed - Betty Sue

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