Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Very Drab Christmas!

This has to be the gloomiest, most drab Christmas I have ever experienced! T L Ogre doesn't like Christmas decorations! He HATES Christmas lights, so we have none up. He HATES Christmas decorations, so none are up. He prefers not to have a Christmas tree up, so, so far, none is up. I asked and he is using the excuse that I am allergic to cedar trees so we can't  put one up. My artificial trees are still packed, who knows where. I said that just a dead stick with lots of twigs off of it would be fine with some decorations. He said, "Maybe." That probably means "I need some time to think of an argument against that one."

He also HATES Christmas music! How can anyone hate Christmas music! I asked to play some on the computer last night while we ate. He said that  he would go outside and eat by himself if I did. I won't do without Christmas music, too. During the day while he is gone, I sing Christmas songs as I am doing my chores around the place. I am sure I sound awful, but the dogs and chickens love it! LOL

Late at night, when I am still up a bit and he has gone on to bed, I listen for at least a half an hour to Christmas music on the computer (where he can't hear). It really brightens up my day! It helps my day end well, no matter what happened during the day. Just wish I still had a CD player and could enjoy them all day outside while I worked. I am just thankful that I can listen to some and remember the words to some. I will somehow enjoy this Christmas no matter what it brings.

signed -  Betty Sue

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