Monday, December 19, 2016

Options and Posting

Wow! I feel so loved! Options are being presented to me and giving me some hope. It will still be far beyond difficult, but there is hope.

I had quite a bit planned to type/post today, but it is just far too cold where I have to plug this thing in to work. It was 3 degrees last night and there is no heat where I can plug in and have Internet, so this will have to be much shorter today. I am okay today, I  just wanted you to know. His mood is good today and he will be at work and on errands most of the day. Dogs are barking at something, though, so I may have to get off quick.

I will be researching and pondering all of my options carefully. I am certainly still open to more and I will be posting what my options are as soon as I can. This won't be an overnight process, I know. I better go. Too much going on outside and I don't know if it is someone here (truck engine idling), or across the road. Gotta warm my fingers up, too.

Keep me and my fur babies in your prayers - signed - Betty Sue

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