Thursday, December 8, 2016

Clocking Chore Times

My time to write my vents...
My time to release my frustrations, hurts and stress...
Has become even more scarce and limited.

T. L. Ogre is now clocking my chore times. He comes home from work, looks around at what chores I got done (That he perceives that I have done. I have always done far more than he notices.), both chores that I chose to do and the chores that he gave me to do, then mentally figures how long it should have taken me to complete them.

If he thinks I should have had them all done in a lesser time (and he always does), then he expects me to answer as to why more wasn't accomplished, why those chores took so long, etc. I mean, for crying out loud! If I had to take an extra long "sit" for some reason of nature, I would have to account for the lost time from chores!

Please forgive me if at times, there are typographical errors in my posts. I am usually pretty particular about proof reading all of my posts before they are posted, but in this situation, there are going to be times that they just get quickly written, then posted and proof read later. I have to empty it all out of me, have somewhere to spill it out, then go on with my day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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