Friday, January 27, 2017

A Hard Cold Spell and Just Some Chat

Hi, all! Thanks so much for stopping by.

It is very cold right now (what I consider very cold, here, anyway). My fingers are just too cold to type, so this will be short until at least Monday. As some of you know, it is nearly impossible to get any time on here on the weekends since the Ogre is home almost all of the weekends.

It was a very cold night last night in the tent! The kerosene heater was on and burning bright (I can only afford to run it on low), but it just wasn't cutting the cold last night. I have discovered that when it is really cold, when you need that heater the most, the fuel gets cold and it just doesn't burn worth a darn. It helped, but it was never warm. Me and the doggies, although piled high with blankets and snuggled up together, shivered all night. When I got up this morning, my water bottle that I keep about a foot and a half from where I sleep (2-liter pop bottle filled with water) was frozen so solid that I could not get a drink out of it. The weather forecaster had predicted a low of about 25­ degrees C. but it ended up actually going down to 14! Brrr...... we survived, though.

T L Ogre is being overly nice and sweet right now, acting like the "Mr. Wilson" next door, even offered me a cup of hot coffee last night (no, I didn't take it). Don't know what is up with that, but at least it is less stressful at the moment. The tone does feel very belittling, like "You poor little waif" but at least he isn't violently raging for the moment. I think "Cowboy" is the one present right now.

I had a very hard emotional day yesterday. I spent most of the day reflecting and crying. That makes me so mad at myself. He just isn't worth the tears, but somehow, I just couldn't get that fountain of water to stop yesterday, so many emotions I am feeling right now, so much hurt and betrayal. Maybe it is all part of the process, I don't know, but I don't want to cry over him. He isn't worth feeling this sick the next day, nor the wasted time of the water works. I think part of it all is the sadness of the death of all of our plans for our future, a life I had so looked forward to and was enjoying the beginning of it with him, that I now know was just 'talk' on his part, that he never intended to follow through with any of it. On that end, I feel like a fool!

All of the dogs and I got up in the tent this morning with pink, irritated eyes. The weather conditions were just right for all that burnt tire gunk to really spread around in the air and find its way into our eyes. I have to wonder what our sinuses and lungs look like today. I don't think I do want to know. I have a sore throat, too, that started yesterday. I finally took some cold medicine today, and will watch to see if the dogs need some, too.

I am hoping (and planning on) today will be a better day. I will have to spend a good part of the day trying to keep the animals warm (I so look forward to someday building a barn for them all!), but the rest of it, I think I will spend hugged up next to that heater with some kind of hand work, as long as my injured hand will allow, then some writing.

NOW, a question for my readers . . . . does anyone know of a legal and safe way to move an old, vintage travel trailer (still pulls fine) about an hour to an hour and a half away, when it no longer has a title and hasn't been tagged in nearly 20 years? I desperately need to take this 32' travel trailer with me where ever I go, to spruce up a bit and live in it. All of your input, suggestions and feed back on this would be greatly appreciated!

See you next week. Have a safe and pleasant weekend.

Signed - Betty Sue

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