Monday, January 16, 2017

Possible Land and Homing Puppies

Howdy, All!
I just wanted to let you know I am still here and okay. I am still on T L Ogre's property, and life is still tense, to say the least around here, but I am surviving it. It was a very busy end of the week and weekend, so that is why I wasn't on here, mostly. And over the weekend, no opportunity presented itself to get on here.

I posted my first litter of Boxer puppies on Facebook to be rehomed and the response was overwhelming! I spent most of the end of the week and the entire weekend trying to answer everyone. I think I had literally hundreds of comments and messages interested in them. I still have a few to answer (I don't want to leave anyone hanging), but I am very happy to say that the entire litter has been rehomed to very good homes! That makes me very happy! I try really hard to match the puppies' individual personalities to just the right home for them and the family they are going to, and I feel pretty confident that I did that. It always breaks my heart to see them go, especially when I get a favorite that I get super attached to, but there is just no way possible this time to keep even one. They will all be so much better off right now in a good family that can give them all of the puppy attention they deserve.

I have also found a great possibility on a 5 acre piece of land. Purchasing it won't be easy, but there may be a round about possible way. I truly wish I could go look at it myself, but at the moment, I have no way to get there and need to batten down a few more things here (if possible) before I could leave for several hours. I have a couple of relatives that are looking at it for me, and I finally got to personally talk to the realtor today with some questions. Waiting to hear back on one or two more questions I have for the owner, and for someone to walk the property a bit (it was raining too hard the other day when they went). If the answers are favorable, then it will be the one I want. It was really kind of good that we had so much rain the last few days, because this will greatly help to know what the land will look like after a few inches of rain. It wasn't good for my tent, we took on quite a bit of water the last two days in the floor, and discovered that the roof is beginning to leak a bit, but it will be worth it to see what it did to the property. The property is all flat, so if it were to flood in one place, the whole thing would. At least I did learn that it is NOT in a flood zone. Please keep this in your prayers and positive thoughts, that I have found my property and have a way to purchase it.

Thanks for stopping in! Have a good day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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