Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Oh, My! A Scammer!?!

A few months ago, an odd thought crossed my mind. "Is T L Ogre a scammer? Is this obvious take-down cycle he has with women, also some kind of a scam? I mean, he has had so many wives and live-ins combined that I have lost count. He still has belongings here (trinkets, maybe?) from many of them. He even remembers what belongs to whom and likes to point it out. Really? Did I really want to know that a lot of the daily use items around here belonged to former lovers!? Even the dish soap had belonged to the last one (and we had been together about 5 years at that point).

He had a bottle of dish soap that he was using on when I got here. (sort of - dishes obviously hadn't been done since his daughter moved out - ewww!) When that bottle ran out, he pulled a bottle out from under the sink, handed it to me to use, making a point to tell me that it had belonged to his last one. That was over five years before! He had put it away when she left, got new dish soap to use, and saved that one for his next woman to use! As I continued to attempt to clean up the sink area, I found some soap in a glass jar and asked about it. It was the all natural dish soap I had made him two years prior! Geez! Who was he saving that one for?! He had whined back then about being out of dish soap and said he was too broke to get any, so I made him some out of a good soap base I had. All that time he still had the bottle of soap from his last ex. Then he did buy soap and saved mine, too. Grrrr..... Yep. It's gone. I used mine up, myself.

Okay, so I have really strayed off topic, sort of. I don't know about the other women that have been through here, but he has gotten me to spend countless hours in hard labor since I have been here, trimming up his trees and clearing large areas of his property. He would say he would build me this or that if I got it cleared, then .... nothing. He did that with section after section until I had large areas cleared and trimmed all over. Also, he insisted I work around here instead of going to work, said it would benefit us more if I stayed home and worked around the farm. I bandaged blisters, pushed through arthritis pain, migraines, etc., and got it done. The goats got fed well with all the cuttings, but the promises of what "we" would do with the cleared areas never came to light. He obviously just wanted all that cleared for his own use - cheap labor with benefits. How many women has he done this to? With so many of their belongings still here, I have to wonder, does he get women here and push them to marry him so that he is then joint owner of their belongings, but the land remains in his name? We had discussed wedding plans originally, in depth, then he eventually blew it off every time I tried to talk about it. A couple of months before our "official" break up, he pushed me hard to just go to the court house and officially tie the knot. He didn't want any kind of wedding nor anyone there with us. I know now that at that point, he had already planned breaking it off with me. Never mind that I had broken it off a couple of months before. This didn't make sense, unless it was part of his scam.

Looking back over his pattern with past women, plus seeing all the things still here from them, it make one start to wonder. The two wives that he still complains the most about leaving were the two that planned their "escape" in advance and had everything packed up and gone before he got home from work. They got away with all that they wanted. One was on a plane headed back for her country before he knew she was leaving! That really shocked him because of how hard it was to get her and her belongings here.

The thought that he may be pulling a scam had crossed my mind. It would appear that way, but I had dismissed it because, verbally, he was being very generous in all that he said I could take in our "division of property".  He even offered to help move the big stuff with is truck and trailer. For the most part, dividing property seemed to be going well (except for the chickens and potatoes). THEN IT HIT!  Wednesday morning, while in his extreme rage, he firmly declared that I no longer own anything! He said that my belongings had been here on his property for more than 30 days, so I no longer own ANYTHING! Nothing left to my name. EVERYTHING I moved here (and that is a lot) IS NOW HIS! This includes family heirlooms from several generations. He said it is now up to him as to what he keeps, what he destroys, what he sells, and what, if any, he might decide to "let" me take. SCAM!  He hatefully insisted that I couldn't prove that any of my belongings were mine. He repeated that several times to drill it in. "You can't prove any of it is or was yours and you can't do anything about it!" he growled through clenched teeth in the most sarcastic, hate-filled tone he could muster.


Just how  much of past wives/live-ins' belongings aren't still here because he sold them off? How many of his past ex's succumbed in fear for their life and left it all to get out safely due to the death threats and physical violence?  I want to know! This scammer has to be stopped!

Once again, I apologize for any typos. I will proof read it when I get more Internet time.
Thanks for stopping in and have a beautiful day.

Signed, Betty Sue

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Biggest Psychotic Rage Yet!

T L Ogre escalated at his worst, today! I only have a minute. He has banned me from using the computer at the  house, and the Internet. He threatened to break my neck (came at me with his hands once and almost has ahold of my neck when I yelled that I would scream). He insisted that I needed my neck broken. A few minutes later he hugged (tightly) the gatepost and with hateful rage screamed that he was going to put a heavy chain on the gate to the dog pen/yard where I am 'living', lock it tightly, and watch me and the dogs slowly starve to death!

He TOTALLY lost it! He has been raging for about 3 days, again, and today's was the worst. The threats were numerous, all out of control and psychotic. He also threatened to kill all the dogs if they tried to protect me from him hurting me. Made it clear that if he decided to hurt me, I had to just take it if I wanted my dogs to live.

All signs point to him probably having killed the 5 week old baby goat that I am missing. He is INSANE!

I was able to sign a new contract with the property owner today, so I can take early possession of the property to start doing some clearing so I can move the trailer and stuff on it as soon as we close. I have to get moved, but I am terrified of leaving my stuff and babies long enough to move a load. He also threatened, today, to burn all of my belongings. I think I would literally see devil fire coming out of his hateful eyes today!
Sorry if there are typos. No time to proof read today.

Gotta go. Please pray for me and this situation, Love you all!

Signed - Betty Sue.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - Spring Greens

Wordless Wednesday

Babbling, Booze and Rants

T L Ogre was being a major azz last night and this morning, especially this morning. I haven't checked his booze bottles the last few days, but I am guessing he has run out, again. Today is his payday and he nearly always runs out a day or two just before his pay day, which makes him a bitter, angry, violent, grumpy monster until he can get to town to get his money and get another bottle. PATHETIC!

The last 24 hours he has been filled with hate and growing. Everything that comes out of his mouth is sarcasm and hate. Everything he sees, everything he hears, everything you say to him no matter how pleasant you try to be, reminds him of something he hates, sending him into an extremely hate filled, bitter, long-winded, raging rant. He has ranted about how everything under the sun from our government, to how much he hates pets, to how crazy, mean and hateful his youngest sister is, to what an idiot with serious issues his brother is (Yea, gotta take brother down because brother buried one of his kids this week and was getting too much attention. No, T L Ogre didn't even go to the funeral. He came up with every excuse he could. Said he brother wouldn't even want him there - I don't believe that one - said he couldn't take off of work - he reworks his schedule for everything else, including recently spending half a day going with me to pick up my pick-up - just excuses), to jerking my oldest dog around by the chain and screaming at him to get out of his dog house and eat his food in the rain. (I have always fed him in his house when it rains, but I still can't get to him. In fact, the Ogre has put up another fence, now, and I can't even get to where I can stick my hand through the fence to at least pet his muzzle and give him a treat. I love my dog and this is killing me!), to pinning me into a corner and keeping me from getting things done that I need to do by ranting and raging at me about everything he can think of that he hates (some being subtle digs at me slipped in while ranting about other people). You don't just get up and walk away, either, or something will get hurt as a punishment a little later.

You don't dare let him see you happy about anything, either, when he is in this (I am angry at the world because I need some alcohol and I hate that I need alcohol because it controls me and nothing controls me) moods because if he isn't happy, NO ONE should dare be happy! If you are happy and he is not, you have to be punished. How dare someone be happy and upbeat when he isn't!

So, that is the kind of day I have been having, tense, knot in my stomach, afraid of doing the wrong thing to set him off no matter how hard I try to do exactly what will keep him calm. He is at work, now, and should be heading from there, soon, to pick up his pay and go run his errands.  I can't believe I am saying this, but I hope he gets a  new bottle while he is in town so that when he goes to bed tonight, he can nurse on it a bit and be a bit calmer by morning. He will escalate this evening, until the day is done and he can get that alone time with his 'best friend'. Some of that escalating will be from withdrawing from going a couple of days without booze, and some of it will be from just knowing that he has a new bottle and is in high anxiety because he can't get the day done and get to that bottle fast enough.  I will need to side step him as much as possible and attempt to keep all the critters as calm as possible. But then his reaction to that will probably be like it was this morning when he started screaming at me that they were "spoiled" and spoiling animals didn't happen on his place (like letting an old dog with tumors eat inside of his dog house instead of outside in the rain).

The ornery person inside of me wants so badly to sneak into his tent when he isn't looking and
slip a livestock baby bottle nipple over the top of his booze bottle. (hee, hee, hee)  Probably not the thing to do right now. Maybe just before I leave with my final and absolute last load. Oh, well, it was just a passing funny thought to lighten my stress at the moment. Gotta keep your humor to keep your wits in times like this.

Thanks for stopping in and listening to my babble. Have a blessed day!

Signed - Betty Sue

Monday, April 3, 2017

What Did He Do to My Cat?!?!

I finally have transportation, now, and can leave run errands now and then. The problem is, I am afraid to leave my animals alone with T L Ogre, afraid of what he will do to them while I am gone. I mean, if he abuses them in front of me, what will he do while I am gone? This scares the crud out of me! I have to be able to leave now and then so that I can get things taken care of and put in order so I am ready to move after the closing. Then I will have to leave the little darlin's for long periods of time when I go to my new place to start clearing and building pens and critter houses to get things ready over there to move all of them. But I am so afraid of what he is going to do to them when I am not here to watch them.

A couple of weeks ago he was cooking dinner over by his tent (yep, after dark again). I was walking past as he walked down from his area. He looked at me with a disgusted, hate filled face and bitterly stated, "Well, that cat won't do THAT again!" and scowled hard. I asked with great worry, "What did he do?"  His faced scrunched up into pure, evil anger as he yelled, "He tried to get my dinner, but he won't do THAT again!" He absolutely would not tell me what he did to the cat. He had cooked a nice, big steak on the grill, set his plate of steak down to do something else, and expected the cat to leave it alone! I don't know what he did to the cat, but he definitely wanted to scare me and make me suffer, too, by letting me know that he had done something bad to my cat but keeping the "what" a secret. When that cat was a kitten, he carried him around all over the place, loving on him, coochey cooing him, snuggling him, etc, got them to love and trust him, just like he did to me to reel me in. Now he is using them for his sick, sadistic anger releases and to punish me by hurting them. Even worse, he is enjoying it!

Fast forward to yesterday. One of the rat/mouser cats  was sitting on top of a garbage can right outside of the back door of the old house. I reached to pet him (he is very lovey and cuddly), but he freaked out and took off like a bolt of lightening! Totally confused and shocked, I looked up to see T L Ogre walking down the path towards us. Just as I had started to pet the cat, the cat had seen the Ogre walk up and took off in extreme fear! Totally bewildered, I stammered and asked, "What have you been doing to this cat?" He just shrugged, gave me a very goofy, sarcastic look, then walked away. I noticed the other day that when he walked past one of the farm cats, that it ran off like lightening, in great fear. I have been watching extra close and every time he gets near one, no matter how playful, loving or relaxed it had been, the moment it sees T L Ogre, it instantly freezes up in fear, then runs off with speed I have never seen in a cat.

I wish I could set up video cameras everywhere to find out what he is doing around here to the animals. The worst part is, he doesn't consider that he is doing anything wrong. :(  This is killing me. This is breaking my heart. The very animals I am trying to save and protect, and love so dearly, he is apparently hurting and torturing to punish and hurt me. The sickest and worst of it is, he is obviously getting great enjoyment and satisfaction from all of this abusive punishing cycle. T L Ogre needs to be permanently locked up somewhere, far, far, FAR from animals!!!!

Please help pray for safety for my animals, and me as well, as I continue to work to get them out of here safely. Some good, positive thoughts and energy would be wonderful, too!

Thank you for stopping in and have a beautiful day.

Signed - Betty Sue
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