Wish List

My Christmas Wish - I wish to have a place of my own, about 10 acres, and move me, my belongings, and all of my fur babies and feathered friends to it to start life over.
I would also like to share it with other like women that need a place to go and still keep their fur babies and their belongings.

This piece of land is my favorite choice so far. It has so much potential for the farm-style domestic victim shelter I would like to establish there! There are few to little stores in the nearest town, so that would be a huge plus for putting in our own little shops and markets. There is also great traffic on the front (paved road) for business. The traffic isn't too fast for people to stop, but just heavy enough for good customer flow. There are just enough trees for good shade and all the open field lends great feed for livestock, bedding, and great garden and orchard area.  There are so many positives towards this piece of land. THIS is the piece of land I am shooting for!
Property I especially would like to get.

The following piece of property looks workable (and so do several other that I have found since I posted this page), but I have not seen it in person and have never been to the area that I recall. It is a lot of land for the money, but not my first choice.
 Possible Property - might work, but not the best choice.

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Cat food would be great, too. I have a few days' worth left. He refuses to buy any more as he screams,
"You can just sit there and watch them STARVE!!!"

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