Monday, January 30, 2017

Food Stamp Saga - Part 5

It has been awhile since I wrote the last installment of the food stamp topic, so I hope I pick back up in the right place and make sense. If not, feel free to ask me questions. I have just had so much going on, and my emotions are really starting to get to me, and Internet time is getting more and more rare. I apologize for the delay in the story segments........

We made several stops on that day, at which I know for fact that his food purchases added up to be quite a bit more than the $23 he was allotting each of us. I figured he was cutting in to the next month's funds himself, anyway, but I wasn't allowed to. There was still a lot of grocery funds unaccounted for from that current  month. Who knows where it all went. I figure either his sister got a good bill of groceries that month (above what I know we gave her) or he ate a lot of good munchies when he ran errands, or a combination of the two.

Fast Forward to the First of January - 

We went to the DHS office on January 2nd. He had told me the night before that he was going there when he got off work the next day and that I could ride along with him if I wanted to so I could get signed up for my own food stamps. He was going there to take me off of his card. It really kinda surprised me that he was so anxious to get this done because with me on there, the amount of food stamps he got more than doubled. Taking me off would drop his to less than half of what he was getting with me on the card, but I was okay with that, so I said, yes, I would go with him. Actually, what I was looking at the most wasn't the chance to sign up for my own food stamps, but the opportunity to get to talk to a counselor, case worker, anyone, at the food stamp office about what was going on here at home! I wanted to tell them, face to face, about my hand and get some advice, see if they could help me go get it examined, maybe. I just wanted someone in authority to hear me! Without any transportation, I have not been able to do that and the fact that, here he was, offering to take me himself, was too good to be true!

That next day after he got off work (of course he had sternly commanded that I be ready to jump in the truck the second he got home) he got out of the pickup, walked up to me (several feet between us) and started naming excuses why I shouldn't go. (I was excited that the idiot was giving me opportunity to speak with a DHS case worker in person. I guess he finally figured that that might not be so wise.). He used the 'little dog' as an excuse. (We always take him with us so a couple of the big dogs don't play too rough with him, unsupervised, and hurt him) . . . . or I could go another day if I still had stuff to do here, etc.  I ignored all the excuses and went!

Stay tuned for Part 6 of Food Stamp Saga, about our visit to the DHS office.

Thanks for stopping in and have a good day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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