Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rain, Dogs, and Deception

January 14, 2017

I was on the desk computer this afternoon checking puppy messages when T L Ogre came in for a bit. The phone rang and he told me to answer it, it was probably for me. I knew it wasn't, but I answered it anyway. It was his daughter-in-law, K, down the road. Apparently it caught her off guard when I answered. She acted like I was the devil himself and she was petrified. She talked really fast and run together as she asked, "Is Ogre (she used his actual name) there? I was calling to talk to Ogre. Is Ogre there? I just needed to talk to Ogre." I said he was right here, hang on. I had a hard time not laughing at her. That phone..... it is so loud that even with the receiver up to your ear, a person across the room can hear most of what is being said. I could hear her saying that the dogs had chewed up the electric cord and now with the rain it wasn't working. He said in to the phone, "I figured that was only a matter of time" (this electric cord went between their tiny house and the building for their bathroom). I heard him tell her he would be over there in a little while. (His son -  her husband - was off on  a job out of state)

When T L Ogre got off the phone, he told me it was K, that there was a little hole in the electric cord between the two buildings and rain water was getting in it. He had to go fix it. Apparently he either forgot how loud the phone was, or doesn't know because he lied! He never said a word about dogs chewing it up. Guess he didn't want me to know that he was going to pleasantly (and quickly) go repair something their dogs tore up (dogs he bitterly criticizes), while he hates and is so mean to "ours", raging like a maniac if they tear something up. He said he was going to have to go in to town for some special tape, first, and was gone for hours, just to wrap some tape around an electric cord. the moron actually thought I was going to believe that.

The next day provided a much better answer to that charade. He may have had to tape that wire (he had first said his sister had  that kind of tape on hand so he wouldn't have had to go in to town), but his daughter-in-law posted a picture of his grand baby at her house from the day before. It appears his daughter and her baby were down visiting and the whole lot of them had to create a lie, a fabricated scenario, for him to go down the road to see them..... I've run out of words for his antics at the moment. **shaking my head**

Thanks for stopping in and have a really good day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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