Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Food Stamp Saga - Part 6

When we got to the food stamp office (DHS), he tried to get me to go in first and sign up.  I was puzzled.  "Don't I need to be off of your card first?"  He mumbled some senseless bs, then said, "Either way, maybe so."  I also asked, "Isn't there a waiting room or something inside?  I mean, I don't see why either of us needs to sit out here in the cold to wait our turn."  He stuttered, then said there was a waiting area where you take a number, then it is called when it is your turn. It may take several hours or not even get your turn until the next day.  I unbuckled, got out, said, "We are here, I'll take my chances.  You take me off first, then I will apply."  He had an odd look on his face, but went on in.  Of course he had to open the door for me, to look good for them.  All throughout our relationship, he seldom opened a door for me, now and then on occasion, but seldom.

We took our numbers from the front window, him first. Although there were a few people in the waiting room, there was only one person ahead of us.  After just a few minutes, the receptionist called his number.  He had  me taken off of his card in no time.  He bounced out of that office with a childish grin on his face and a victorious spring in his step, seemingly very pleased he had his own food stamps all to himself!  He was also determined that he was going to wait out in the cold truck while I went in for my turn, rather than in the warm waiting room.  It was pretty cold that day.

So why do I think he was so determined to have me go in first while he waited out in the cold truck, and that he waited outside when I finally did go in?  My answer to that is simply my deductive reasoning, my thoughts, opinions and conclusion.   At first I was totally confused and puzzled.  Now, after an incident with the phone (I know. I still haven't gotten to that post quite, yet), I realize he was probably waiting out in the truck so he could dial in to my phone to hear what all I might be saying to the DHS worker. Both of our phones do work in that town. (Many of the newer phones come with an app where you can call into another phone and listen to everything going on in the room through the speaker. If a phone doesn't have it, an app can be easily acquired and installed. His nephew's cell phone does have this app (It came with his phone) and he has told me a few times, in the past, about it. To make them legal, this app is sold under the pretense that it is for parents to use to keep up with their children, but it gets used for countless other uses.) 

By me going in first, if he used such an app, he could hear all I was saying to the worker, then counter it in conversation when he went in.  That is how the mind of a narcissist works, always having to make sure they aren't the one that looks bad. They will go to whatever extreme they have to to accomplish this.  When I didn't go in first, I think he still raced back out to the truck to get on his phone to listen to what he could, to keep fully informed for future use against me. Am I being paranoid? NO .... it is a huge possibility and I am just watching my own back as closely as possible. I have to protect me. If he does hear anything that would anger him, that he would take as something that was said against him, he could/would go into a violent rage again, and I want to prevent as much of that as I possibly can.

Part 7 of the Food Stamp Saga coming soon, where I discuss my turn in the food stamp office.

Thanks for stopping in and ;have a good day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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