Monday, January 23, 2017

I Would Have Been Wife No. 12!!!

Well, if I had married T L Ogre as planned, I would have been Wife No. 12!  That was with 10 women, besides me. He managed to convince one of his exes to come back to him and marry him a second time, which was very short lived.

This count does not include the countless domestic partnerships he has been in. He has talked about them, too, often, but I just couldn't keep count. At the time, I really didn't even want to.  I got so tired of hearing about all of his exes. He never lets anything go!

The main reason I put off getting married for so long was this exact fact, I would have been Wife No. 12 (instead of one of his countless domestic partnerships, which is the statistic that I did end up being).  I wanted to be on the cautious side.  He had explained away each and every wife, saying that he seemed to be stuck in a pattern of life partner choices and just kept picking the same type, the wrong one, bad ones.  Some of the things, though, that he complained about them, I just didn't see as being a problem, (such as wanting to clean and spruce up the house a bit).  One rant after another regarding his ex-wives either didn't seem like a bad thing at all, or at least not bad enough to fight over, much less leave someone over. That was one of my big reasons for giving some time under the same "roof" before officially tying that knot.

Although life seemed to be great (I was missing all those subtle signs) there was also the fact that nearly every one of his wives left him in a hurry, in extreme anger and revenge, and several planned their leaving in secret. He just came home to find them and all of their things gone. All of THIS was my biggest red flag, my biggest reason to delay getting married until we passed what I felt was the "honeymoon" period. Even though on the surface, he doted on me and treated me so nice, I wanted to go with that gut feeling of caution. I mean, that many women just didn't leave in so much bitter angry hurt, some to the point of extreme destruction as they left, without there being more to it than what he was telling.

Yet another little caution was that his other sister (seldom seen and dubbed the "evil sister") insists that he was a wife beater.  She is adamantly firm on this!  He always said that she was lying, she hated him and wanted him to look bad, that she was crazy and just wanted to cause trouble, and many other dismissing excuses.  (Now I know first hand that she was telling the truth)  In other conversations, T L Ogre also said that this sister (L) had actually become good friends with one of his wives.  Combined with the wife beating statements he mentioned in other conversations (he did not mention these two things together), what came to mind was that maybe the wife needed someone to confide in.  I can understand that possibility even more, now, especially since he didn't even have Internet back then.  You isolate someone to that degree, they then become desperate for someone - anyone - to talk to. 

I'm truly glad I went with my cautious gut and waited a time frame before that final knot tying step of marriage!

Thanks for stopping in and listening. Have a good day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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