Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - Hobo Coffee

Wordless Wednesday

Hobo Stove Coffee! Yes, you can make coffee even if you don't have a stove to cook on.
Yes, the coffee pot is rough. It has been being heavily used over a campfire and needs a good scrubbing on the outside, but the inside does get washed regularly and the coffee was great! This was my first test with this "stove" and I didn't want to mess up a good coffee pot. It worked so well I even boiled it over once!

(Can't get the pics to line up like I wanted them to, today. A glitch today, maybe? Will try to update it another day)


  1. I want to taste a hobo coffee heheh!

    Have a caffeinetastic week :-)

    1. Steve, I would gladly make you a pot. It is really good. You get the full flavor of ALL of the coffee bean. I even fresh grind the coffee beans in a hand grinder first!
      Thank you soo much and you have a caffeinetastic week, too!!!

  2. Yes, you can cook anywhere as long as you have a can and some fuel. I saw a cooking setup on a street in Bilbao, Spain where the two backpackers were cooking up a meal (not coffee) on a similar set-up.

    1. Thanks for your great added input, Rhonda! That must have been a beautiful and interesting visit! Yes, I have cooked entire meals this way, too. If it takes awhile to cook, you just make sure you have a good pile of wood ready (it burns fast) and take advantage of the sit time to read a book, periodically stuffing in twigs and before you know it, your meal is ready.


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