Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Food Stamp Saga Part 1

I had never been on food stamps in my life until I was grown, all of my kids were grown and I had had a heart attack. At that time I was living mostly on bread and margarine (the bread so old it is sold for animal feed) and my health was suffering. I had opened a small business that was not taking off, which put me in financial stress and groceries got very skimpy. I applied because my health was in danger.

I was on food stamps when David and I got together. He was making money and doing fine on groceries at first, but then his income dwindled. He was so down over his lack of food that I sometimes cooked a couple of meals to send home with him. A little more time passed and I ended up sharing some groceries with him every month for several months. He gladly and eagerly took them. He also eagerly took any groceries anyone helped us with on occasion.

When it once again came time to renew my food card, I decided not to. I was making a few bucks here and there, finally, and decided it was time to give them up. I had also been working on a home loan modification so long that I didn't figure I would qualify, either. I was finally off of food stamps! I was buying my groceries and it felt great! I can make a few dollars go a very long way with sticking to closeouts and deep sales. I did not intend to ever have to go on food stamps again!

Stay tuned for part 2, coming up....

Signed - Betty Sue

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