Tuesday, December 13, 2016

He is Escalating Faster than I can Comprehend!!!

One second he is all sweet and nice, then that "switch" flips and he is a raging mad man! I have NEVER seen anything like this! I understand, now, why some of his past wives were so angry, so hurt, that they destroyed a lot of his stuff before they left. He is making one screaming, raging threat right after another that he is going to kill this animal and that animal, destroy my belongings, etc, if I don't live by HIS rules on HIS property. He had always said, so very sweetly, after I moved here, that it was OUR property, OUR home, now and I didn't have to keep asking if I could do this or that around here. He now says it is HIS property and treats me like his SLAVE. Actually, I think slaves get much better treatment!

He leaves me impossible chore lists to complete every day, now. He pins me in somewhere and I have to listen to yet another RAGING tirade filled with threats, name calling and other demeaning bursts, if I don't get it all completed. Or if I didn't get a different chore completed that I should have been 'smart' enough to know should have come ahead of one that he gave me. He sets me up, multiple times a day, now, for raging verbal beatings. My heart literally can't take it. I tremble all day, my heart races, and I can feel it pounding all through my body. I don't want to have another heart attack or mini stroke or a stroke. He doesn't care! I firmly believe, now, that that is what he is trying to do to me. More on that to come. My time on here is even shorter today, and he, once again, is saying he is going to turn the Internet off.

He says I am not making enough money with the Internet. I have no car to deliver things with, and I can't complete all those  chores AND get things posted and sold on the computer. There is NO way to win!

No time to proof read today, sorry. I will go back and do that some day when I have time.... if I ever escape from here.

Signed - Betty Sue

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