Wednesday, December 21, 2016

NOT Allowed to Pet my Old Dog!

This will take more than just this one short post to explain so you can get the full concept of it all. I will write what I have the time to, and my hand will type before it gives out, then I will try to finish the rest in a voice video soon.

We have 3 male Boxers, Son, Dad and Grandpa. Son and Dad get along great. They are in the same yard together with only a minimal spat on occasion, no more than any two little boys would do, probably less. But Dad and Grandpa are another story!

Dad would have probably gotten along fine with his dad (Grandpa), but Grandpa thought other wise. Grandpa was my first male dog and considers himself the alpha male dog. Dad (his son) has always been the front yard dog (protection for me in the front and back yards when I lived alone) so he also feels like he is the alpha dog. This was all fine at the last place I lived because I had a very tall, secure fence for Grandpa and all was well, just some grumbling through the fence now and then. Now, jump ahead a bit.

I moved here to T L Ogre's place. Mr. Ogre built the fence for the dogs before we moved them. It is a low fence of cattle panels. To save on time, I will just say the fence was not built secure enough to keep the two male dogs apart. Grandpa dog made it over the fence and into Dad dog's yard a few times, hurting Dad dog pretty badly. He went over the gate, which rattles when it is messed with. Not even 3 levels of electric fence would stop him. Grandpa dog had to be chained (breaks my heart!). That was supposed to be temporary, with a long run set up for him soon after so he could get into his good dog house (5x6 insulated building). That still isn't done, he is still on a chain month later. He does have a smaller dog house where he is chained, but it could be better. He had NEVER been chained before in his life! He was used to having a huge area to run and play in.

The two yards are actually one very large yard with a divider fence in the middle. The gate is in the divider, the ONLY entry into Grandpa dog's yard. Most/all (varies from time to time) of the female Boxers are in Dad's yard (also our yard and where the tent is). Dad dog feels the need to protect all of us (dogs and me) from that "monster dog" that keeps jumping the fence and attacking him. (Grandpa dog LOVES all people! He loves to make new friends that will play with him and has never even attempted to harm anyone).

Every time I try to go through the gate to go play with my old Grandpa dog, Dad dog rushes to the gate (the "rattle of the gate" triggers his memory of the attacks on him) to protect me from that old dog and I can't get through the gate to my old dog without Dad dog trying to get in to fight him to protect me. T L Ogre held Dad dog a few times and 'let' me go in with Grandpa dog to play with him and update wormer, deflea stuff and all, but he will no longer do that. If we had just done that together for awhile, they would have settled down and gotten used to me going in there. But no more!

T L Ogre now says that I am no longer allowed to go in the yard with my beloved old dog until I "train" Dad dog to 'let' me go in there (by myself). He says this with bitter anger and rage! T L Ogre has taken over all the feeding, watering, etc. of my old dog. I can see Grandpa, I can talk to him through the fence, but I am not allowed to feed him, touch him, play with him, pet him, cuddle him, NOTHING! From the beginning, I wanted to put a gate on the side or back, one that went directly into Grandpa dog's yard, but NO! T L Ogre won't put a gate in on the side or back and won't allow me to. Dad dog is simply protecting his little "family" of dogs. Grandpa dog loves the other dogs, too, and wants them  in with him. The two yard/pens should have never been put butt up against each other.

My old dog, Grandpa, has been with me since he was 6 weeks old. He slept with me, went every where with me, was my little buddy and side kick for a long, long time. As he got big (and started chasing the cats), he got his own big yard and huge dog house and I spent time each day playing with him and cuddling with him. He also was used to being inside in his own room in the extra cold weather. Now I am not allowed to even so much as touch him, much less cuddle with him. THIS ABSOLUTELY BREAKS MY HEART BEYOND WORDS! It tears me all up inside and it does the same to Grandpa. He is so very sad and just can't understand why I won't come in and play with him any more. He just begs and begs for my attentions. My animals are definitely being used to hurt me. It hurts far more than if the ogre just beat me instead, and he knows that. Grandpa dog is getting old and gray. His days are slipping away and we can't enjoy them with each other. He is sad and hurting and I am sad and hurting. I hope and pray I can find an answer to get us all out of here and together safely before he is gone so we can once again enjoy some cuddles and play together. No matter how hard I beg, T L Ogre holds firm... No gate on the side and I can't go into Grandpa's yard unless I can do it without help by teaching Dad dog to 'let' me. This has been the hardest of all of this yet, it is hurting me more than anything T L Ogre has done, to me, yet, and T L Ogre seems to be VERY pleased with himself on this!

signed - Betty Sue

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