Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Little to No Pictures in the Blog, Not Safe

There are so many pictures I would love to post in this blog. I am sure it would give any readers a much better visual of some of my situation. But, unfortunately, I just don't feel that it would be safe.

I might, in the rarest of instances, take a chance and post a picture or two. Some posts just really need a picture posted with them. But I am terrified of getting caught on here, terrified that T. L. Ogre or someone he knows would recognize one of them somewhere around the Internet and lead him back to this blog. I can't even begin to imagine what the ramifications from that would be. And I certainly don't want to find out.

This blog will just have to be pretty plain and generic looking. My main purpose for it, anyway, is to have a place to vent my frustrations and feelings, since I have no one to talk to, am not allowed to talk to anyone about any of it and desperately need some way to "get it out" and "park it somewhere" so I can go on with my day. If anyone is reading this blog, just consider it a good place to exercise your imagination. Our senses are so overloaded these days, it is refreshing sometimes to simply use our imagination for a change, and just let it wander.

Signed - Betty Sue

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