Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Beyond Sick and Twisted!

T L Ogre's mind is going in some very strange and twisted places, now. He has made some "off" jokes in the past, a bit on the 'twisted' side, but not too bad. But that, too, has now grown beyond reality. One way is, he has become obsessed with a--holes, in a very sick and twisted way. What is really scary is, he thinks of these things in such an instant.

Here are a couple of examples:

I was in the tent changing my shoes. Someone in my family had gotten a pair on clearance and when they finally got around to using them, discovered that they weren't their size, but mine. So I was happy to get them. They had one of those plastic "hanger" things on them. T L Ogre looked at it and instantly said, "OOoo! An a--hole anchor!"
Huh??? He repeated it as he picked it up and explained, hand motions included, "An a--hole anchor, for a--holes so bad that you need to shove it in (great hand and grunting verbal expression, here), give it a tug to anchor them, and tie them down." He elaborated a little more, played with the hanger a little more and laughed at is own "joke". That wasn't funny! That was SICK & TWISTED!

Later that same day, he went to fill up the kerosene heater. He was getting frustrated with the new fangled spout on the gas can. He finally grumbled, through clenched teeth, how much he hated it. He exclaimed, "I hate these new spouts! They are almost impossible to use! They must have been invented by someone that was thinking about playing with their a--hole with it. They probably sit around all day with it in their a--hole, shoving it in and out and moving it around in there, having a good time!"
I want to puke! How does he think of these things? What kind of mind looks at an object and thinks of such things so quickly and with such expression as he speaks about it?  This concerns and scares me even more than the raging tirades and the physical abuse.

Anyone have any insight on this? I would like to hear your insight and/or opinions in the comments or you may also message me. I am going to go throw up, now. I will catch you next time. Have a good day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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