Sunday, December 11, 2016

He Frazzles Me Until I Can't Think!

Even as I try to type this, I am so frazzled I can hardly think what to type. My hands are cold from no heat in this old office and I am frazzled from this morning's bitter verbal attack. It appears he actually spends any "take a break" time just sitting there creating things to attack me for, things that don't make a lick of sense. My hands are not only shaking from cold, but from stressed out nerves. I don't know where all this madness came from. Everything was so good, then all of a sudden one day, WHAM!!!

He comes up with something to pick on me for, to moderately attack me, to get me all upset and frazzled. He just keeps up the verbal attack, on and on and on without stopping. I can't get a word in. I am not allowed to interrupt or his rage will escalate. By the time he stops long enough to take a breath, I am so frazzled that I am shaking and trying to figure out just what the heck happened. THEN....

THEN ..... he asks me a question. I sit there in total confusion, frazzled and shaking. I am thinking, "Where did all that just come from? None of that makes sense and isn't true." I sit/stand there trying to make sense if just what happened, trying to process what all he just said, AND trying to think of how to answer the question he just asked when nothing made sense. Consequently, I don't answer his question quickly enough so the raging verbal attack hits again, far more intense than the first round. This time it isn't a physical blow, but I promise you, it does physically hurt! These attacks hurt in so many ways, and the pain is intense has T L Ogre's rage.

My time I dare take is up. Gotta go. When you see this post, know that it is a "scheduled" post. I won't be able to get on here on the weekend.

Signed - Betty Sue

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