Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Facebook Status

My Facebook status is still set on engaged. I no longer consider myself engaged (nor any kind of romantic involvement with him) any more. I want to change it, but, quite shockingly, he still considers us engaged! T L Ogre still thinks we are going to have some kind of life together. He thinks I will realize how 'stuck' I am here, agree to his terms (controlling, dictating demands) and life with him will go on.

Everything he used to love so much about me, he now abhores. I just don't get it. All the things he loved, made him smile at me, laugh with me, dote on me, enjoy together, is now greeted with anger, hate and rage, yet he still wants me to stay and marry him!  *shakes head*  It's crazy! I just don't get it. And how can anyone turn so sharply on someone, apparently overnight? I mean, you are laughing and thoroughly enjoying each other one day, then the next day, they deeply and bitterly hate everything about you? They just, wake up that way, even though nothing happened, nothing changed.

I am NOT ALLOWED to change my Facebook status. I am not allowed, to take the "engaged" status down ..... or there will be yet another 'punishment' of some kind. Get this....he says if I change it, it would make him look bad! That is one of the first things I will change the moment I am out of here.

Thanks for stopping in and thanks for your support.

Signed - Betty Sue


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