Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Biggest Psychotic Rage Yet!

T L Ogre escalated at his worst, today! I only have a minute. He has banned me from using the computer at the  house, and the Internet. He threatened to break my neck (came at me with his hands once and almost has ahold of my neck when I yelled that I would scream). He insisted that I needed my neck broken. A few minutes later he hugged (tightly) the gatepost and with hateful rage screamed that he was going to put a heavy chain on the gate to the dog pen/yard where I am 'living', lock it tightly, and watch me and the dogs slowly starve to death!

He TOTALLY lost it! He has been raging for about 3 days, again, and today's was the worst. The threats were numerous, all out of control and psychotic. He also threatened to kill all the dogs if they tried to protect me from him hurting me. Made it clear that if he decided to hurt me, I had to just take it if I wanted my dogs to live.

All signs point to him probably having killed the 5 week old baby goat that I am missing. He is INSANE!

I was able to sign a new contract with the property owner today, so I can take early possession of the property to start doing some clearing so I can move the trailer and stuff on it as soon as we close. I have to get moved, but I am terrified of leaving my stuff and babies long enough to move a load. He also threatened, today, to burn all of my belongings. I think I would literally see devil fire coming out of his hateful eyes today!
Sorry if there are typos. No time to proof read today.

Gotta go. Please pray for me and this situation, Love you all!

Signed - Betty Sue.

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