Monday, April 3, 2017

What Did He Do to My Cat?!?!

I finally have transportation, now, and can leave run errands now and then. The problem is, I am afraid to leave my animals alone with T L Ogre, afraid of what he will do to them while I am gone. I mean, if he abuses them in front of me, what will he do while I am gone? This scares the crud out of me! I have to be able to leave now and then so that I can get things taken care of and put in order so I am ready to move after the closing. Then I will have to leave the little darlin's for long periods of time when I go to my new place to start clearing and building pens and critter houses to get things ready over there to move all of them. But I am so afraid of what he is going to do to them when I am not here to watch them.

A couple of weeks ago he was cooking dinner over by his tent (yep, after dark again). I was walking past as he walked down from his area. He looked at me with a disgusted, hate filled face and bitterly stated, "Well, that cat won't do THAT again!" and scowled hard. I asked with great worry, "What did he do?"  His faced scrunched up into pure, evil anger as he yelled, "He tried to get my dinner, but he won't do THAT again!" He absolutely would not tell me what he did to the cat. He had cooked a nice, big steak on the grill, set his plate of steak down to do something else, and expected the cat to leave it alone! I don't know what he did to the cat, but he definitely wanted to scare me and make me suffer, too, by letting me know that he had done something bad to my cat but keeping the "what" a secret. When that cat was a kitten, he carried him around all over the place, loving on him, coochey cooing him, snuggling him, etc, got them to love and trust him, just like he did to me to reel me in. Now he is using them for his sick, sadistic anger releases and to punish me by hurting them. Even worse, he is enjoying it!

Fast forward to yesterday. One of the rat/mouser cats  was sitting on top of a garbage can right outside of the back door of the old house. I reached to pet him (he is very lovey and cuddly), but he freaked out and took off like a bolt of lightening! Totally confused and shocked, I looked up to see T L Ogre walking down the path towards us. Just as I had started to pet the cat, the cat had seen the Ogre walk up and took off in extreme fear! Totally bewildered, I stammered and asked, "What have you been doing to this cat?" He just shrugged, gave me a very goofy, sarcastic look, then walked away. I noticed the other day that when he walked past one of the farm cats, that it ran off like lightening, in great fear. I have been watching extra close and every time he gets near one, no matter how playful, loving or relaxed it had been, the moment it sees T L Ogre, it instantly freezes up in fear, then runs off with speed I have never seen in a cat.

I wish I could set up video cameras everywhere to find out what he is doing around here to the animals. The worst part is, he doesn't consider that he is doing anything wrong. :(  This is killing me. This is breaking my heart. The very animals I am trying to save and protect, and love so dearly, he is apparently hurting and torturing to punish and hurt me. The sickest and worst of it is, he is obviously getting great enjoyment and satisfaction from all of this abusive punishing cycle. T L Ogre needs to be permanently locked up somewhere, far, far, FAR from animals!!!!

Please help pray for safety for my animals, and me as well, as I continue to work to get them out of here safely. Some good, positive thoughts and energy would be wonderful, too!

Thank you for stopping in and have a beautiful day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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