Friday, February 17, 2017

T L Ogre is a Drunken Alcoholic!

Gosh, I'm not even sure where to start on this one. In the beginning, T L Ogre told me that in his younger days, he drank a lot, A LOT.  He said that he was young and stupid and drank to the point he was an alcoholic, he was never sober, but that he wasn't an alcoholic any more... he was now a "recovered alcoholic." That did send off a little warning flag with me, but over and over he assured me that he did not drink at all, now. He assured me that he understood that it was wrong, it messed up your life and your body, and that he would not do that again. I did always wonder, though, how he 'recovered' without any help.

On down the line he started talking about having an occasional glass of red wine with his dinner.  He insisted that it was only a very small glass once in a blue moon, because a little red wine was good for you now and then. I didn't think that a "recovered alcoholic" could have any alcohol at all, so I really wondered about this. I researched and learned that some 'recovered alcoholics' can have a very occasional drink, but not most.

At Christmas time that first year, he got a bottle of Scotch for a gift from a relative. Turned out, it was an annual gift. He cussed and cursed because it wasn't the right kind. He liked another kind better and the gift he got wasn't the right one. How ungrateful!  He said he saved it for special occasions and had a sip when it was super cold outside, to warm him up. Hmmmmmm........ For me, this was a bigger red flag. As far as I knew (I was still at my own home), the bottle did last all year.

After I moved here just over a year ago, I never saw him drinking. He held to the fact that he was a recovered alcoholic. When his daughter got married, he did break open some special bottle of extremely old and rare booze, but supposedly only had a sip or two out of it. Then one day, a few months ago, his other sister (the one he calls the evil sister) gave him a bottle of red wine that she had had about half a glass out of and didn't like. A couple times a week, he would enjoy a glass of it with his long, hot bath, until it was finally gone.

One night, not long after that bottle was gone, I came in to the old house to use the computer. I saw him bent over in the doorway of the old bedroom, and the strong smell of alcohol permeated the air! He shuffled stuff around really fast, stood up and started to try and make casual small talk, but stuttered and stammered the whole time. Busted! It was so obvious he was sneaking a drink. He didn't just openly say he was taking a swig or something, and offer me a taste, too, he had to hide it! It seems he much prefers drinking alone.

He has started bringing  home his "pay day" bottle of wine the night of pay day. It looks like it is about half a gallon of some really good quality red wine. It is always empty by morning. He is now making it a habit of getting is "pay day drunk on."  The bottles are beginning to pile of next to his tent. There are three there, now. Looks like he lied to me about all those "empties" sitting behind his little work shop. He said someone had given him the empty bottles, but they are all exactly like the empties by the tent.

The day he helped me tarp over the roof on my old travel trailer so the roof doesn't leak when it rains (until I can get the roof sealed up better-I will do that after I move it), he was so drunk he could hardly stand up! He kept stumbling all over the place and nearly fell several times. When he bent over to tie down corners of the tarp, he really had a hard time with keeping from falling over. He would stand up and complain that it "made him dizzy to bend over and tie the ropes". He never had that kind of problem before. And that wasn't an excuse for why he was stumbling around when he was standing straight up and having a hard time understanding anything I was saying. It was Saturday and he was getting his drunk on!

This strongly concerns me! What if he goes into one of his narcissistic rages while he is drunk, or at least, under the influence of alcohol? The end result could be much worse than just a broken hand. He is on an edge again. I feel, sense and see it coming on. Although filled with lies and just plain being a stupid a..h...e, he has been forcing himself to be "nice" lately, overly nice. Just sickening, but a bit less stressful and a lot less scary. Is the alcohol connected? I just don't know. He got his Wednesday night (pay day) drunk on .... then over slept by a LOT, on Thursday morning. I also noticed, though, that his "Scotch" glass was on the bathroom counter on Wednesday night. I hadn't seen that glass in a long, long time.  I checked the bottle and it is nearly empty, now.  So .... besides consuming an entire large bottle of wine all by himself on Wednesday night, it appears he also had a glass of his Scotch while lounging in his leisurely hot bath that night and Thursday night. These last two days are also when his "edge" and anxiety seemed to start building back up. I am concerned that all of this could drastically raise my danger level.  God, keep me safe and help me through this!

I will be talking to the realtor today and I am hoping and praying hard for some good news. I will appreciate your prayers and good thoughts with that as well.

Thanks for stopping in. Have a great day and a beautiful weekend.

Signed - Betty Sue

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