Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Strange Morning Visit

This wasn't what I had planned to write today, but this morning's occurrence bothered me so much that I decided to write it out now. It will be a bit long, so what I had planned to write today will have to wait for another day.

I didn't get much sleep last night. Although I am steadily making small improvements, I am still real sick and still have no voice. Actually, I am finally up to Bull Frog status today. 😊 I was up and around a little more yesterday, then had the extra work of bedding down critters better for a 20 degree freeze. (I will be so glad when I can get out of here and set them all up properly.)

I was beyond extra tired by late evening and my hand was more numb and painful from the cold and extra work, so I went on to bed earlier than usual. I may as well have stayed up and done some reading or writing!

That poor old kerosene heater, if it makes it through to the end of this Winter, it will be a blessing! It just would not cut the cold last night.  Some nights it sweats us out of here and I have to get up and turn it off for awhile.  Not last night.  It got really cold in here.  With the added body heat of most of the dogs, I did keep it above freezing in the tent, but it was hard to sleep for shivering.  I let the dogs snuggle for some extra warmth, both mine and theirs, but they would either snuggle too tightly or steal my blankets, both of which kept waking me up.

I am drinking a lot of extra fluids to try to shake this bug, so of course, every time I finally got settled in good and just drifted off to sleep, Nature said it was time to get up and go tinkle! This led to the dogs stealing my "warm spot," so I had to coax them all off of "my place" and start the process all over again. I love my dogs, and I am so glad I have them to protect me and keep me warm, but they are sooooo going to get their own house and bed and me mine when I move!  They do have their own bed, they just think they need to keep me warm and safe, instead.

So, daylight comes and I finally drift off into a warm, deep slumber.  All the dogs were finally settled in and sleeping hard, too. I was having nightmares, but I was finally sleeping. All of a sudden, I sensed something and woke up.  At the same time, Big Dog lifted his head up and started low growling.  T L Ogre was in the tent and quietly standing at the end of the bed about a foot away from my feet! 

Still laying down, I tried to shake the sleepy off and and in my froggy voice, over dog growls, asked what was going on.   He said (more of a mumble) he had hollered at me to see if I was ready to feed the dogs, yet, but I didn't answer so he came in to check on me. (I am learning that when he mumbles, his isn't quite telling me the truth.)  Something in all of that isn't right.   I am usually up by the time he finishes his morning chores and he hollers at the fence to say he is ready to go feed my dog I still can't get to, so I get the food out and ready for all the dogs, then he goes and feeds Old Dog while I feed the rest.  I was tired and he was an hour earlier than usual because besides work, he had errands in town again, also. But this still didn't make sense.  Not only did I not hear him, but neither did any of the six Boxers in the tent, nor the two behind the tent!   None of them knew he was there until I stirred, which woke them up.  When he stands at the fence and hollers to ask if I am up and ready to feed dogs, a few of the dogs (not the lazy one, lol) usually run out to greet him, excited it is feeding time, and Old Dog in the back pen really barks excitedly in anticipation of some food and human contact, but that didn't happen this time.  NOT ONE DOG heard him supposedly call to me at the fence!

The gate is also noisy.  I can't open it without at least a little rattle, and, again, the dogs always hear it.  Then he had to get through the layers of fabric of our "curtain" door on the tent to come inside the tent.  That fabric makes a bit of a rustle, yet the dogs didn't hear that, either.  It sure was a creepy feeling waking up from a sound sleep to see him staring down at me.

Most of the dogs just looked at him puzzled, but, as I said, Big Dog started growling and barring teeth.  Momma (me) was sick, laying down, asleep, and that monster wasn't coming near her!  Other male dog (Big Dog's son) started to growl, too.  After a couple of "shhhh" from me, he stopped and just stayed tense and ready.  Not Big Dog, though. His growl increased.  He has watched the Ogre hit me, hurt me, rage at me, up and close, over and over, not to mention attack and hurt him, too, and he did not want a surprise visit from that monster! I think he felt the same weirdness to the situation I was feeling.

T L Ogre was becoming irate that the dog was snarling and growling at him.  He started to raise his voice to criticize the dog and say how dangerous the dog was.  The dog growled harder and made a lunge at the now irritated Ogre. I made a grab for the dog's collar (gotta get new, stronger, collars the second I can get to a store) and I had to hang on to him tight while the Ogre yelled about the snarling dog and explained he was about ready to feed dogs and had to leave earlier today.  He also, though, sympathetically said, "I'm sorry you didn't get any sleep. That stinks.", then shot dagger filled glares at the growling dog before he left the tent, making the dog lunge again.  He mumbled something about how that dangerous dog needed to be in better control.

T L Ogre went and did his last chore while I got up and got the dogs' food ready.  By then, I was completely up, the dogs were ready to eat, we were back in routine form, and although cautious, the dogs were all tail wagging okay with the old Ogre being in their yard.

I do not believe for a minute that T L Ogre yelled at the fence, "as usual" to see if I was ready to feed the dogs.  He also knew better than to sneak up on the Big Dog.  I think he was practicing one of his "stealth moves" and he is also still setting me up for yet another "event" to attempt to prove to someone" that my dogs are too dangerous to exist.  He hates them because they protect me from him. He can't abuse me like he wants to, physically, verbally, mentally, because the dogs won't allow it,  because they protect me from him.  I won't let him kill them, so I think he is still working on setting up an alternative.

UPDATE:  Since all of this morning's events occurred.... since I started writing this post, it has come to my attention that, before T L Ogre left for town, before the surprise visit in my tent, he had searched around for a "local to f--k today" before he went in to town to run his "errands."  I thought it was kind of strange that he was doing an extra day of errands this week, and that he was short of money when he has cut me off of everything and should have extra money.  I literally feel like puking, except that I spent a good part of the morning with dry heaves, already, so I am trying hard not to. As I said, his searching for a piece of trash to stick it in happened just BEFORE he came into my tent this morning. Now I am creeped out more than ever by this. Not sure I even want to know what it all means.

Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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