Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Food Stamp Saga - Part 4

The drive in to town with T L Ogre was a very silent one. I tried to make small talk a time or two to break the silence but got my head sarcastically bitten off each time. You could say something as simple as "the sky is blue, isn't it pretty" and he will counter with raging sarcasm and hate. He is full of hate 24/7, now. So I just settled into the silence.

We got into town and he asked where all I needed to go. He agreed with each place I mentioned, saying he had to go into the town nearest us on Wednesday (2 days later) and he could pick up what I needed then. In other words, he wanted to make sure he knew everything I was purchasing and had full control over it. I argued that I wanted to have everything basic I needed for the next few days since a long, hard, cold spell was coming. (He sarcastically argued that several days wasn't long, a month was long, but not several days to a week.) Again, he said he could pick those things up two days from now (cat food and dog food were two of those items, along with groceries and personal items). He just wasn't going to let me go into a store!

Then.... the grocery argument! Mind you, it was the first of the month and our funds had just been put on our card, plus most of last month's should have still been on it, also, since we had purchased very little groceries during December.  I said that one of the places I needed to stop was the grocery store, I needed to get some groceries and had my list made.

He narrowed his eyes and got gruff. He said he wasn't sure, there may not be enough, he had to check.  ...... Huh?  Not enough!?......  He said that he didn't want to spend any of this months' and maybe have to pay some back when we reapply. I said, "But there should still be quite a bit left from last month, most of it."  He was furious and went right back into his screaming rage! How dare I question the amount on the card! He screamed, "We got some and it adds up fast!"

I said, "Not that fast." (we are both very thrifty shoppers and only a few things had come home, that I knew of, maybe a bag or two full all total)  His rage built and he finally exploded that he had bought his sister a "few things" so she could have Christmas dinner at her house. He said she didn't have enough on her card to do that (She doesn't get a lot but her nephew and little great niece that live with her do get quite a bit on their card and it all goes into the household groceries - dang food stamp family, his handicapped sister does probably need it, but dang. We had already contributed 2 home grown butchered meat chickens (I agreed to two, but a third one is missing), a huge bag of sugar, a bowl of egg salad that I made, a couple dozen farm eggs for cooking the dinner, and not sure what all else)  He was absolutely livid that I dared to question where our grocery funds went! He sarcastically said that there was about $46 left that we could split for now. That wasn't even a third of what should have been left on the card from the previous month. His sister or someone got a nice mess of groceries for the past month (without my knowledge or input) and I came home with $23 of groceries. Good thing I am a stock upper.

Stay tuned for Part 5 of the Food Stamp Saga where the dollar amount on that card keeps changing.

Thanks for stopping in and thanks for listening. Have a good day!

Signed - Betty Sue

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