Thursday, January 19, 2017

He Kicked the Chicken!

A little over a week ago, T L Ogre kicked the big fat white hen! He lets most of the chickens out in the morning to free range throughout the day. Just as it starts to get dark, most of them go back inside their own house or enclosed pen, but there is always that same stubborn few that have to be herded back in.

That evening/late afternoon, he decided to put them up much earlier than they were used to. (He seemed to be in one of his high anxiety moods that day and was urgently pushing to get all chores done early and quickly). He never puts the chickens and ducks up that early, but that evening he was in an urgent, frustrated, angry stress to get them put up early and all chores done early. He has been in these "anxiety" moods more and more, lately, but this day was his most frustratedly urgent, no particular reason that I could see, that I have seen in a long while, if not ever.

Those few chickens that always have to be herded in just weren't ready to go in yet, it was out of routine. He got so frustrated because they wouldn't cooperate and go into the coop, that he hauled off and kicked the wheezy, big fat white hen in the leg!!!  Naturally, she jumped, squawked, and ran even further away in the opposite direction of where he was trying to get her to go.

He screamed, yelled and cursed at her, then he finally grumbled and said he would wait until it got just a little darker (it was still mostly daylight) and walked away.

I truly wish I had video cameras stationed all around so I could see just what all he does do to these animals when I am not looking.

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