Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Damper on the Possible Property

As I said yesterday, I have found the piece of property that is exactly what I need to move to and get out of here AND that I can also use to set up my business AND a place for other women in an abusive situation that needs to get out, but has no where to go where they can take and keep their multiple pets and belongings. I have just been waiting to hear back on a couple of questions I had on it (will get that today), and for a family member to go look at it in decent weather (weather has greatly hindered going to see it).

This property is it! I haven't gotten to go there specifically, but I have gotten to see many pictures of it and the area and talked with the realtor. No power or water for now, but it has everything else that I need and those items can be added as time and money allows. I don't have a way to leave or to get there. In fact, it has been over two weeks, now, since I have been able to get off of this property and that was with the Ogre.

A family member had told me that they would take out a loan for the property (asking price is $15,000) and make the payments temporarily until I get a check started. This was all set, no problem. Then this person started him-hawing that they didn't think the property was what I needed, I needed something more modern and had more stuff on it. I made it clear that it was exactly what I needed, just land, all else could be added later, I just have to get out of here (and he is pushing harder on that, now, kind of up and down - more on that in another post). So .... now this person says, "Well, I don't think I can make that payment after all. You will have to find something else, I think."  Ugh! I am sooo sick of CONTROL FREAKS!!!

To say I am frustrated and upset is an understatement! I have never felt so stuck and helpless. Dear God, please get me through this.

Thanks for stopping in and reading/listening. Have a beautiful day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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