Sunday, January 1, 2017

I Could File for Disablity, but

I could file for Social Security Disability and have no doubt I would receive 100%. I was told by my last doctor, years ago, (actually ordered, not just told) not to ever work again and insisted that I file for disability. He said he would write it up as 100% right off. I just wasn't ready, yet, and I had also been given some miss information. I was told I could never make a penny and would be dependent on that amount. I have since found out that that isn't true. I could work/sell and earn a little, just not a lot.

I have been determined ever since, for the past several years, that I still had some abilities and as long as I worked for myself, I could work at my own pace and still earn a living. There were a lot of road blocks with that, too, and here I sit, penniless and feeling like I am being held hostage. Since that Dr. order several years back, I have also had many more health issues either worsen or come up.

I finally decided a few weeks ago that it might be time to file for that disability. As soon as I said it, T L Ogre got excited and was all for it. A few hours later, he said, "You would get a lot of back pay by the time you got it started." then proceeded to tell me how he would spend that back pay (a project that is crumbling like the house). A little more conversing and it became obvious that he, himself would totally dictate where every penny of the check would go.

As much as I could use it right now, I am thinking I still need to hold off a bit  longer on filing for that disability. I am still thinking on it, but not sure it would be wise. Then, too, there would be the problem of getting to qualifying Dr.s appointments. I would have to depend on the ogre to get me to my appointments and I fear that, too, would turn into just another control tool. This one has been a hard decision to ponder.

Thanks for listening. When I get on here and see that people have been on here and reading my posts, it helps me to not feel so alone. It is such a warm and comforting feeling! Thank You!

Signed - Betty Sue

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