Tuesday, January 10, 2017

T L Ogre Kicked the Old Dog!

"Yesterday" refers to January 5th, 2017

Yesterday he abused my oldest dog again. He went in to feed him during our morning feeding. He said we had to feed extra early because he had to take his sister to the doctor (not on work time). It was very cold, the dog is old and not in a proper dog house. Remember, the dog was used to being in the house in the winter, before I moved here, with a heater.

He screamed and yelled at the dog to come out and eat his food! The dog is not used to getting up that early, he is old, and moves slowly when he first gets up, especially if it is super cold. He finally got the dog to come out,but the dog was all sleepy eyed and looked around at the birds and chickens and all, trying to wake up. T L Ogre screamed at him, "Eat your food, you Mother Fu__ er!!! Quit looking at everything around you!!" He kept raging at the dog to eat. The dog got nervous and pranced around, tangling his chain up on a stick coming out of the ground. He raged even more at the dog because he got tangled up, jerked on the dog's chain, much harder than necessary to get the stick loose, the stick did come loose and broke free on that chain jerk (I think it was a rotten old little tree root, actually). He then kicked the dog in the front let, glanced at me and sarcastically said, "I had to get the stick loose." MONSTER!!!! 

I still can't go in my old dog's pen. He still won't allow me to. I got to that one time for about one minute to put the hot water bottle in when I INSISTED (was going to call the sheriff otherwise). Now he makes sure he does that so I can't go in with him.

He had said he ws gong to start getting up earlier and that if I wanted, he could feed the old dog before he left, then I could feed the rest when I got up. I firmly believe the attack on the old dog was a threatening display to make me get up early too, to protect the old dog, to control when I got up. I am a devoted Night Owl, and he is going to even use controlling my sleep patterns to control me. I will survive it, and justice will serve, in good time.

Thanks for stopping in and reading. Have a good day. Sorry for any typos. I will have to proof read next time.

Signed - Betty Sue

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