Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Food Stamp Saga Part 2

T L Ogre, on the other hand, then decided he would see if he could get food stamps. He was making decent money hauling metal and stuff when I met him, but soon after quit. He only hauled a load now and then in desperation to pay a bill. He also took an occasional odd job here and there. He has a therapeutic massage business, but that, too, became few and far between.

He finally took a job at Walmart. He felt like the pay was low enough he could get food stamps. He applied but was turned down because  he was barely over the bracket. He constantly griped about how Walmart had to be doing that on purpose, keep employees' pay just above the limit. Eventually, for numerous reasons, he quite the Walmart job and took a job with fewer hours (19/wk) and less pay (provider for a relative).

Right after switching jobs, he went back to the DHS office, applied again and proudly got his food benefits started. He said, "I've paid in for so long, it's about time to get something back! I don't feel guilty at all, It's my turn!"

As soon as I moved in here, he went right back down and added me to his card. He was happy and pleased to see how  much more we got in food benefits. He kept his  job at the low hours it was and decided not to add another patient, nor add another part-time job.

I am always embarrassed when I go to the store and have to pull that card out, but he repeatedly stated that it was his turn to get something back and it didn't bother him. He also told me I didn't need to go out and get a job, that all the money I saved with the way I stretched the food budget so well, made things from scratch, found bargains on so many other basics, and other things I did around here saved enough to be like a job. I kept complaining that I needed an income, too. He kept arguing that all the money I saved us was an income. Now I see that his thought was probably, "If she works, it will reduce our food funds." and  "I can't let her out of my site. I can't control her as well that way."

Keep watching for Part 3 about our food stamps.

Signed - Betty Sue

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