Friday, January 6, 2017

Dealing With This Cold Spell - Be Back Shortly

We are having a hard cold spell for a few days (snow included). It is taking all my time to try and keep me and all of the critters warm. T L Ogre will no longer help me with bedding down any of the critters for the cold spell, so it is all on me, now. My heart doesn't like the cold, anyway, but with the added stress, it is making it harder. I have to take warm-up breaks in between bedding down each few animals, and I can only heat up 2 bricks at a time on the kerosene heater. This may take hours tonight, since it is going down to single digits, with a very low wind chill.

I will be back asap with more of what is going on. I will keep writing by the heater, ready to post when I can. (no heat where the computer works) In the mean time, we have a possibility of a piece of property. Need to find out some more info and go look at it, then figure out how to pay for it. Keep this in your prayers and positive thoughts, please.

Thank you for stopping in and for you wonderful support.

Signed - Betty Sue

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