Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Food Stamp Saga Part 3

We usually did most of our grocery shopping together, but sometimes he just let me go in if we were short on time or his foot was hurting or another necessary reason.

Then November came and he did more of the shopping. December came and he completely took over the grocery card. One time I was with him, but we were in a big hurry, he was going in to the store to pick up something for his sister and asked what we needed, too. I wasn't feeling well so I sat in the truck with the dog and watched the stuff in it so no one would steal anything. There was only time for a quick run in that day, not full grocery buying. A couple of times after that he went in to town for errands and asked if I needed anything. He made it clear we "didn't want to get much right now." I couldn't figure out why. I asked him to get a couple of things for holiday cooking and it really seemed to annoy him. He didn't get as much sugar as I asked for, only a little (I was going to make candy).

December came and went and almost no groceries were purchased to my knowledge, very few. And those 2 bags of sugar that he did bring home just before Christmas .... he took half of it over to his sister's house for Christmas cooking, so I didn't get to make candy to take for Christmas dinner. The other bag was for daily use. We were still "together" at this point. He broke "us" off on the first of this month (January) and said he was going to take me off of the food stamps and make me get my own.

On the 2nd, T L Ogre said that he had to go to the next town (where we usually shop) when he got off work and I could ride with him if I wanted to and needed to get anything. I had to pay "half" of the gas, which was actually more than half of what it took for that trip. Yep, he skimmed again. (that will be more clear in a future post). I needed several things before the hard cold spell hit, so I went with him.

Keep watching for Part 4 of the Food Stamp Saga.It's an eye popper.  It will probably be tomorrow as I am out of safe time on here, today.

Signed - Betty Sue

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