Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Clutch of Eggs and Just Touching Base

Howdy, all!
I don't have much time today, so I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know I am alright. Still sick, had a set back over the weekend, but improving again.

I found another small clutch of eggs a couple of days ago. They were so big and beautiful! I kept my mouth shut this time, lol. There were half a dozen. I put them in a carton and promptly put them in my "kitchen dresser" in the tent, no word about them. Pretty sad when you have to start hiding food. Funny thing though, he never did take any eggs to his sister until today, then asked if it was okay with me first. No telling what war would have started if I had said no, and I had no reason to say no, so I half smiled and said yes, no problem. Dang, I must have really scared him with my disapproving face the other day, over the eggs. It's just eggs.  He had also recently started counting chickens, though, and realized that about 90% of them are mine, lol. I figure, my chickens, his feed, we split them. No problem on my end. Split the eggs, I mean, not the chickens.

I FINALLY got to go get groceries over the weekend! The old Ogre had to go into that town for a few things and said I could go with him, if I split the gas, of course. The last puppy is spoken for, waiting for pick-up in a few days, it was a very, unseasonably warm, sunny day, and the little fella (puppy) is finally big enough I could leave for the day. I spent ALL of the food funds I had left on the card and hopefully it got me enough groceries for a month or so. I REALLY stretched it out as far as I could.  I am so happy to finally have some fresh fruits and veggies!!!  The day wasn't without its stresses, which I hope to get posted in a near future post, but it is done and over with, it could have been worse, and I have a stock of groceries and basic supplies. Still need a handful of things, but I have the bulk of what I needed. I just didn't realize how weak I had gotten from being sick and after the first store or two, I was really pushing to get the rest of my list, but I wasn't coming back without it all. On the way home, we went through a lot of brush fire smoke, which followed us home and kind of settled down in this valley, which set my respiratory infection back a bit, but I am once again, improving today.

I caught him in so many lies over the weekend, in just everyday, random chit chat.  It was lies that were so stupid, entire concocted "stories" even. Why would he do that? It is a narcissistic thing. They feel that if they know the truth and the person they are talking to doesn't, then they hold the control ... they get a control fix from it. Grrrr...... I just  kept listening quietly and wondering how much of the chit chat the past 5 plus years was all lies just like these over the weekend. Really kills my trust in anyone, anymore.

I better go for now. It has already been a long morning, I need to cover stuff up before the rain gets here, and he will be back 'home' any time. Thank you so much for stopping in and being supportive. I will try my best to get some more posts in this week. I have made so many eye-opening discoveries lately, and I want to get them documented.

Have a great day, all!

Signed - Betty Sue

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