Friday, February 10, 2017

Food Stamp Saga - Part 7

During all of the Ogre's process at the Food Stamp office, another worker called me to her window.  She asked what I needed.  I told her but she said that since funds were already on the card, I couldn't apply for myself until the last day of the month. So, no money to my name and only $23 spent on groceries for the month. (yep, good thing I am a stocker upper when I find bargains!)

What made my heart fall the most was, I didn't get that chance to talk to a worker in person.  The stocked up food will hold out for awhile, but I wanted to seize the opportunity.  I was able to slip the worker a small slip of paper with the web address to this blog on it.  I sat back down to wait on David, but, as I said, he had just finished, also, and proudly strutted out to the truck.  At first, I thought he had gone out to get something he forgot or needed, but then saw that he was sitting in the truck so I went on out.

He looked puzzled, put his phone down and asked, "Finished already?"  I told him what she had told me.  He said, "Well, I guess we will split what is on the card, then."  He also had a bag of chips in the truck (which he offered me some of) that were from a store we had not been to and he never mentioned he was stopping at, so that was more groceries - munchies - he purchased above that "limit" he had given me, because I had already seen him purchase his limit, as well,  yet my share was only going to be half of what remained on the card. His share did not include all the munchies he has been purchasing, nor anything that he has purchased for his sister. He still took half of what was left on the card.  So greedy!

He mentioned about three other stops he had to make and asked if I needed to stop anywhere else.  I said no, not specifically, but if I could use the card, I wanted to get a few grocery items at Walmart when he made his stop there. (He now approves when I can and can't have the food card. He uses it whenever he pleases.)  When I asked for the card for Walmart, he got hatefully sarcastic, "I guess you can!  I can't get anything right now! I can't get anything until I can find a place to store it! I don't have anywhere to put anything!"  (Most of our food is stored in totes outside or covered over with tarps.   He has 45 acres and a house that is crumbling. He could find somewhere to store his food!  He had just recently, adamantly, tried to get me to move our food from outside, back into the heavily rodent infested old house before it all freezes.  He said the rodents would destroy less than a freeze (that didn't make sense and was opposite to him wanting it all outside in totes and tubs away from the rodents, and with no heat in the house, it freezes in there, too.  The food is mostly all outside because he had said to put it there and often got angry because I wasn't gettting the stored food outside fast enough, away from the rodents. I needed more weatherproof totes! Actually, I needed him to quit being lazy and us get going on the food storage building we had planned to have built by now)  Such manipulation and balance tilting!

Since I have lived here, the rodents in that house have destroyed hundreds of pounds of food, yet he had just recently raged at me to put all of our food back in that nasty old house.  He's crazy! He just can't make up his mind!  So, he insists I put our food supply back in with the rodents (I refused), grocery money is unaccounted for, he gave me a tiny spending limit, I find multiple signs that he is purchasing and eating his food when he is away from home and out 'running errands', it sounds like he tried to keep me from knowing the money on the card this month stuck, and HE refused to put HIS food in that rodent infested house! Sounds to me like he intended to not only starve my animals, but me as well!  Manipulation at its finest!  It's that "greedy little first grader pitching a fit because HE wanted the biggest "cookie"" type thing.

If you set aside the danger and frustration, he is hilarious!

Part 8 coming up shortly.  Thanks for stopping in and have a very good day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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