Friday, March 31, 2017

What is That Ogre Thinking?!?!?

I do believe that T L Ogre is the best I have ever seen for putting up front a likable, dare is say, normal,  persona, while deep down inside, inside where his real personality resides, is the most twisted, dangerous, meanest, perverted, farthest from normal person anyone could imagine.

The longer I am here, the more I keep discovering that shows just how sick, twisted, scary and dangerous he is. I am just almost to the point that I don't want to know any more, but I feel that I need to know to help warn any future victims.

Yesterday's finding was an eye-popper. I recently learned that he has joined some group/website called PragerU. Some of the "courses" I have seen that he was watched on there tend to raise the eyebrows, but yesterday's was an eye brow raising, mouth dropping, eye popping discovery!

The name of the course (video) he watched yesterday was called: "If There is no God, Murder Isn't Wrong" . . . . . . .upon more digging, I learned that he has watched/read this before. He seems to have really zoned in on this one.

I honestly can't say from which end of thinking he has zoned in on this topic, but the fact is, he HAS zoned in on it. Adding this in with an incident in his past, this becomes ultra scary to me. I can't elaborate further at the moment, though.

Where is this man's mind?! What is he thinking?! What is he pondering?!
Come on Property Closing!!! Hurry up!

Thanks for stopping in and have a beautiful and safe day!

Signed - Betty Sue

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