Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Property Closing Date is Approaching!

I am getting anxious and excited this week. I am quickly approaching that set closing date at the end of this week. It is; however, looking like we could be going into the extension time grace period, though, and it may be a little longer. As long as I can get closed, soon, I am okay with that. I do still have a lot of prep work to do before I can start moving things. At last update with the realtor, everything was going along well. It is just taking awhile with the abstracting.

I dread the moving part. I still have no idea how I am going to get it all moved, both physically and financially. When I start to look around me at the mind boggling amount I have to move, and how much of it is heavy, it seems so overwhelming and impossible. But then I keep telling myself that it looked impossible (and pessimistic friends and family even firmly told me so) to get a piece of property instead of giving up everything and just running to a women's shelter, yet I was determined, I kept at it, and acquiring that piece of property is about to happen! Then there was the pick-up search. Again, family and friends insisted that it was impossible to find something to fill my specs for the price I set. It was a long, hard search, but again, I was determined and amazingly, it is now in the driveway.

I am trying to focus harder on the baby steps and not the whole picture, because the whole picture of getting moved is so overwhelming. I am still heart broken that I lost so much in the move a little over a year ago, that all of my belongings didn't get moved, then, and I wonder how I can expect it to all to get moved now, if it didn't all get moved then.... but I also now know that back then, unknown to me then, there was something working against me getting all of my stuff moved, something (someone) that I never dreamed would have done such a thing, someone I trusted, that turned out adamantly did NOT want me to move all of my stuff. Someday I will tell that story, but not right now. Right now I need to focus on this move and surviving the rages and stupid stunts until I do get it moved.

I am sooo looking forward to the starting over on my own part! I am looking forward to having a little freedom again and being able to do some things my way without getting punished for it.  I am still sad that life the way I thought it was going to be here, a life that I had looked forward to, was just all talk on the Ogre's end and was never going to be a reality, that it was just all a con, that I fell for, to get me here.... that all those years I could have been doing all of that on my own are gone, but I have to stay focused on the positive, that I have gained a wealth of knowledge, stuff you just don't find in text books, and although most days I don't feel strong at all, I know that I have gained a lot of strength and even more determination through all of this.

So, please say a wish and a prayer that the closing on my new property happens very soon so that I can get over there to start clearing some of the land so I can start moving. Thank you!

Thanks for stopping in and have a beautiful and safe day....

Signed - Betty Sue

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