Thursday, March 9, 2017

Under Contract on Land!

Yes! I am finally under contract on a beautiful piece of land! I have had such a hectic last week or so, I am not sure where I left off on my land looking update. The last piece of land I was trying to close on had to be taken off of the market. Besides so much missing paperwork on it, an abandoned gas well was found right in the center of the property. It could be ages before it is capped off properly and ready to sell. Then there would always be a worry of possible toxins leaching out into the soil. So it was pulled off of the market and my search continued.

Unbelievably, I found another property that was even better than that one, for the same price! It is also 3 acres bigger with a year round creek running through one side of it. I am now under contract on that acreage and anxiously awaiting my closing date. I am getting there, one wobbly baby step at a time.

I hope I haven't worried anyone with it taking so long for me to get back on here. I have been extra busy running around trying to get things squared away with getting the property and using a borrowed vehicle to try and find myself a pick up. The pick up search isn't going so well, but I am holding on to the hope that the right one for me will come along soon and everything will fall into place when it does. I am also working on getting some of the critters better updated to make the move and transition a bit easier and safer for them. Yesterday, I finally found the right collars I needed for the dogs and they all have sturdy new collars. Amazingly, only one of them is annoyed with it. The rest of them seem to love their new "necklace". Even better, the day before I went to get their collars, someone told me about a coupon I could get to go towards them, so with that I got $10 off of the whole purchase. That was really great, but even better yet, when I went into the store, the collars were also $1 off of each one, so that was another $7 off for a total of $17 savings! I love it when stuff like that all falls into place all at once! I will just need to get one more collar for my little dog that is fostered out right now, but have to measure his neck first. They got him one but I'm it isn't quite right for him, not for long term. Next, save back up for a couple of new, sturdy leashes and some goat collars.

So much to do just to get prepped to move the farm, but I don't mind this part. It is a sign that I am moving forward and out. This is a good thing.

I gotta get back to it for now. Thanks for stopping in and you have a great day.

Signed - Betty Sue

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