Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Alcohol Withdrawals? Part 2

A few months ago T L Ogre began having tremor spells. Sometimes just his hands shake (in a way he can't control), then on very rare occasions, his entire body gets the shakes. He complains about these spells in a somewhat panicked tone. It also frustrates him and seems to make him angry. The control freak can not control his body! Sometimes, all this shaking and tremors make it difficult, to near impossible to perform some tasks, such as simply trying to insert a screw driver into a screw.

I thought these spells were kind of odd, but had chocked them up to him probably drinking way too much strong coffee for the day. Some days he will just have a cup of coffee, but others, he will drink a couple of pots of super strong coffee. At first, I just figured that the latter was what was causing it.

When I simply, and calmly, suggested that he cut back a little on the coffee and see if that was what was causing it, he got bitterly angry with me... angry because I was so calm about it and didn't go into a panicked, worry state. He took it that I didn't care. I honesty thought that he just simply had had too much strong coffee. I mean, if someone drinks that much strong coffee in a day, I would think that the sensible thing to do would be to cut back for a few days and see if it made a difference. Now I know that those trembly, tremor spells were (and are) from going a few days without any booze. That would also explain the anger, to the point of rage, because I didn't get all panicked with worry over the tremors... he was withdrawing. The tremors, the temper, and the inability to control his temper seem to be all part of the withdrawals due to his need for alcohol. As I have started closely watching his alcohol consumption level, in conjunction with odd symptoms he is having, I am distinctly seeing a definite relationship between the two. When he runs out of money and booze, he has tremors and/or other withdrawal symptoms. When he gets a little money and a bottle, he feels good again.

I will discuss other withdrawal symptoms over the next few days. Stay tuned for Part 3.

Thanks for stopping in and have a beautiful day!

Signed - Betty Sue

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