Friday, March 24, 2017

Getting a Little Spooked

This post may make more sense to you readers after I make some future posts. This happened this week and has been bothering me since, so I just need to vent and document it. Even for me, if I just write down things as they happen (never enough time to write all that is going on), even if they don't make sense, then eventually I can put a pattern together out of several occurrences and figure a few things out. Not sure I want to figure this one out, though.

Monday the phone rang. T L Ogre was at work and I was sitting here at the computer. I answered the call. A very heavily accented voice asked to speak with T L Ogre (asked for him by his first and last name). I said that he was not here right now and asked if I could take a message. The guy asked, "Are you a family member?" I said, "No, I am just a resident here." He replied, "That's okay, Bye, bye." and instantly hung up. Strange.

This guy (or someone else with the same type of accent) has called a few times before. They always ask for the Ogre, then hang up when I ask for a number to have him call them back at. One even asked for his "Buddy, T L Ogre (used his real name)".  Always this unfamiliar, heavy accent.

I wrote the current phone call info down by the phone. I forgot to tell the Ogre about it until the next day and asked if he had seen the note I left for him by the phone. He got an odd look on his face when I described the call and asked, "What kind of accent?" I said that I didn't know, it wasn't Mexican or Spanish for sure. It sounded more like Middle Eastern." T L straightened his stance, took on a cocky, holier than though attitude, serious, above everyone else look on his face and asked, "Pakistani accent, maybe?" I said, yea, it sounded more like that. Still in his odd stance with his odd look on his face he asked in a strange, slow drawl, "Israeli accent, maybe?" I said it could have been, but I hadn't talked to anyone from there, so I couldn't say for sure.

T L Ogre then stiffened his stance even more, took on an even more authoritative stern look and stated, "I could be getting a call from an Israeli. In fact, there are several Israelis that could be calling me, so it could be any one of them." He then narrowed his eyes and tried to search mine for a reaction to his statement. I tried my best to keep a "ho hum" reaction to it and just said, "Well, I was just checking to see if you got your message" then went on about my chores.  It wasn't easy to remain ho hum, matter of fact, though, because his whole air about him was so very odd and spooky ... a serious, stern air that said he and his Israeli friends were "above" all of the rest of us and they were up to something. A distinct, bitter air about him.

You see, T L Ogre has decided that he wants to be Jewish. I have no idea how far back this goes, but I keep finding more and more evidence that it goes back much further than I had thought. He is heavily studying how to be, and how to convert to Judaism. He is making all kinds of lifestyle changes to try and be Jewish. He spends hours each day in his new found studies. He is also studying how to speak Hebrew, and following along all that is going on in Israel. He is even obsessed with trying to find a certain kind of sandals to wear at a price he can afford, and I have found where he has sent a monetary donation to have a tree planted in Israel.

I am running out of time right now, so I will just say that the list of discoveries on this subject is growing and is mind boggling, to say the least. I am not sure what to make of it and I am not even going to try right now. And he stupidly wonders why choppers, small planes and drones keep flying over low and swooping down over his tent and spotlighting it *eye roll*.  I guess I better watch my back yet a little closer. Yep, glad I have several big, loving and loyal dogs by my side, especially at night. All that dog food gets hard to come by at times, but at the moment, my babies are literally a life saver! They have been on several occasions through out the past several years and deserve a feast.  Gotta run for now. Again, please keep me and my farm babies in your prayers of safety.

Thanks for stopping in and have a beautiful and safe day and a great weekend.

Signed - Betty Sue

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